B. Raman
B. Raman


  • Kaluchak And After

    Persisting weaknesses in our internal security infrastructure and the lack of a counter-proxy war policythrough covert actions continue to be our weak points in dealing with Pakistan's proxy war. More Coverage:

    BY B. Raman 23 September 2021

  • ABCD Of 26/11 Masterminds

    As the FBI reveals the identities of four of the ringleaders of the Pakistan-based conspiracy for the planning and execution of the 26/11 terrorist strikes, fresh questions crop up

    BY B. Raman 16 December 2019

  • Blighty Blood Money

    The arrest of Bangla Bhai and his amir reveals that the blasts of August 17, 2005 in Bangladesh were carried out with the help of a sum of Pound Sterling 10,000 received from two supporters of the JMB in the UK.

    BY B. Raman 10 April 2018

  • Bangalore Blasts

    It seems the terrorists did not want to cause mass casualties but their primary objective was to convey a message that they have the capability to hit when and where they want.

    BY B. Raman 16 June 2017

  • Let's Get Real

    ...about relations with China. No point getting pessimistic by looking only at areas of concern or overly euphoric with the galloping trade and proliferating exchange of visits.

    BY B. Raman 12 June 2017

  • An Unknown Quantity

    With five Prime Ministers in four years, Japan has been drifting from scandal to scandal and crisis to crisis. Will the new PM stem the rot?

    BY B. Raman 9 June 2017

  •  Lest We Forget

    On the fourth anniversary of the 26/11 terrorist strikes in Mumbai, there are still many unfinished tasks arising from the strikes to which attention needs to be drawn

    BY B. Raman 9 June 2017