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National Tourism Day: 7 Times When Bollywood Movies Gave Us Travel Inspiration

As we celebrate National Tourism Day, here are some of the best films which you must watch on road trips and some which show the choicest travel destinations.

National Tourism Day: 7 Times When Bollywood Movies Gave Us Travel Inspiration
National Tourism Day - Movies

Bollywood movies have always been our ideal getaway from the monotony of daily life. We are curiously liberated and transported into a world of elegance, imagination, and enjoyment during our two or three hours in the air-conditioned confines of a theatre. Even now when we’re watching a film on OTT, it transports us to that world, even when we are sitting cozily in our sofas.


This delight may be only equated with packing your bags and departing to discover these new locations that bring you to a world of leisure, relaxation, and new experiences!


Bollywood films, on the other hand, do more than merely amuse! How many times have you seen a movie and not been captivated by the fascinating settings and picture-perfect scenery that they are shot in? Sometimes it's not the tale, not the actors or the entertainment on the screen that we fall in love with, but the gorgeous landscapes and destinations that we wish to see at least once in our lives. Also, it’s sometimes just the road trips that entice us to the core.


On National Tourism Day, here are a few Bollywood films that will undoubtedly inspire and urge you to travel, explore, and celebrate life in the locations where they were filmed:


Dil Chahta Hai


A film that set new standards and motivated a whole new generation to visit Goa! Anyone who saw this fantastic 2001 film felt compelled to pack their belongings and embark on a road trip to Goa with their pals. This region, with its wonderful beaches, palm-fringed coasts, delectable Goan food, friendly inhabitants, landmark churches, and easygoing beach towns, quickly became a favourite among young people and remains so to this day. Along with Goa, the film also showed Sydney, Australia, and provided many of us our first look at the Sydney Opera House and the interesting 'Opera' performance. This brilliantly filmed film not only showed classic vistas from Goa and Sydney, but it also examined the great bond of friendship! Also, who can forget Akash, Sameer, and Sid's iconic stance at Chapora Fort?


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


3 buddies, 1 trip, 1 EPIC adventure! This film, about three buddies embarking on a bachelor party and progressively overcoming their worries, exposed us to the beautiful nation of Spain. Their voyage from Barcelona to Costa Brava, then through Buñol en way to Seville, and lastly to Pamplona highlighted some of the greatest sites and spectacular vistas observed in recent years. Their deep-sea diving, skydiving, and the exciting 'Bull Run' and 'La Tomatina' festivals provided visitors significant adventurous goals to achieve in Spain. ‘Seize the day my friend! Pehle Is Din Ko Poori Tarah Jiyo, Phir Chalis Ke Bare Mein Sochna’ - One of the movie's many motivational monologues brilliantly emphasised the necessity to live life to the fullest every day! This film made Spain one of the hottest travel destinations for Indians.




This film reinvented solo travel and provided many lone female travellers with the much-needed boost they were looking for! 'Queen' demonstrated that it is acceptable to travel alone and that your experiences may shape you into a better person as you find yourself. Queen tells the story of Rani (beautifully portrayed by Kangna Ranaut), who is dumped by her fiancée a day before her wedding; nevertheless, instead of wallowing in self-pity, she makes the risky decision to embark on her honeymoon vacation alone. She visits Paris and Amsterdam, and as she falls in love with these beautiful cities, she also learns to love herself! The same 'Eiffel Tower' that alarms her and brings back unpleasant memories later enchants and overwhelms her as she admires its magnificent sight at night. This film showed us that sometimes the excursions we take alone are some of the finest experiences of our life, taking us through the picturesque alleyways of Paris, Amsterdam, and even Delhi.




What occurs in Corsica is kept in Corsica! This film presented Corsica's picture-perfect vistas, and India fell in love! The stunning surroundings and fascinating vistas were enough to convince us to visit this lovely French island. We couldn't believe an island could be so perfect: brilliant blue oceans, dazzling bays, breathtaking scenery, rich flora, jagged hills, and, most importantly, a distinct culture brimming with local flavour and medieval charm. It appeared to be the ideal escape for the film's main protagonists, as well as the ideal holiday place for everyone who saw it! The film also included a touching song about Delhi's cultural hub, Hauz Khas area. Surprisingly, the female protagonist character was inspired to visit Corsica by the classic comic book, Asterix in Corsica. Now is the time to follow in the footsteps of 'Tamasha' and explore the breathtaking island of Corsica!




Avinash, a disgruntled IT employee, learns of his father's death in a car accident. Due to a mix-up, Avinash receives the body of an elderly lady who perished in the same bus tragedy. As a result, Avinash and his friend Shaukat embarked on a road journey from Bangalore to Kochi. They take a few detours along the road, first to pick up the elderly lady's carefree and rebellious granddaughter from Coimbatore, then to a friend's wedding to deliver a parcel before arriving at Kochi. Karwaan is a lighthearted narrative that takes you on an unexpected journey through South India, complete with calming music and lovely green scenery. You will see the splendour of Ooty, the ocean surrounding Kerala's roadways, and the lakes of Thrissur. Overall, this film is a complete meal for a wandering hunger.




Piku impacted our hearts in ways we had no idea were possible! It depicted a tumultuous yet lovely father-daughter relationship set against the backdrops of contemporary, fast-paced Delhi and the quaint yet picturesque city of Kolkata. Rarely has a film checked all the boxes in terms of an interesting tale, strong chemistry between its performers, and gorgeous picturizations that gradually transcend into the story and become the essence of the film. The road trip from Delhi to Kolkata tries the patience of the main protagonists while also bringing them together in the end. The interlude in Varanasi not only examines the spiritual city's calm attractiveness but also provides the ideal environment for a heart-to-heart conversation between the main protagonists. Finally, the city of Kolkata, with its old-world colonial elegance, manages to steal our breath away, and we can thank Piku, the film, for that!


Qarib Qarib Singlle


Yogi and Jayashree are diametrically opposed, like the north and south poles. In their eagerness to find love, both join a dating app. On their first date after meeting online, Yogi's bad sense of humour irritates Jaya and makes her realise she has gotten herself into major trouble. Yogi, on the other hand, tells Jaya about his three ex-girlfriends and how they still pine for him. To demonstrate this, Yogi persuades Jaya to embark on a road journey across India from Bikaner to Gangtok. They have a difficult time getting along with one other because of their polar personalities, which causes some incredibly funny situations during their strange romantic journey. 'Qarib Qarib Singlle' is a little travel guide that takes you on a tour of some of India's most stunning sites. You will experience Rajasthani hospitality in Bikaner and Alwar, the adventures of Dehradun and Rishikesh, and the calm of Gangtok, as well as a lovely and not-so-cliche love tale.