Monday, Jun 27, 2022

From Sharad Malhotra To Vaishalee Thakkar, TV Celebrities Share Thoughts On National Girl Child Day

As the country celebrates National Child Girl Day today (January 24), television actors share if the society has changed its perspective over the years.

From Sharad Malhotra To Vaishalee Thakkar, TV Celebrities Share Thoughts On National Girl Child Day
Actors Saanand Verma, Sharad Malhotra, Vaishalee Thakkar, Angad Hasija (left to right)

January 24 is an important day in the Indian calendar. It is the National Girl Child Day that voices against female foeticide, abandoning female babies and every other atrocity against them, and celebrates them in every possible way. Unlike what it was before, many opine that people are no more desperate about a boy but are happy with girls being born to them as well. Well known television celebrities like Angad Hasija and Sharad Malhotra, share their thoughts on whether the society has progressed socially over the last few years over the issue.

Saanand Verma

Saanand VermaActor Saanand Verma

It's great news that people now equally welcome girl children. National Girl Child Day is something which is an initiative to change the thinking of the people. These are the awareness campaigns and programs by various institutes and better governance is there to support all these initiatives by different NGOs. Now people are really aware and they welcome girl children with all their doubts. In terms of everything and any field of work, girls are doing well as they are equally strong and talented. I am happy that things are changing and we are evolving as humans.

Sharad Malhotra

Sharad MalhotraActor Sharad Malhotra

I have been brought up to believe that girls and boys are equal. My parents kept no discrimination in Kolkata. Individuality is what matters. A boy or a girl child is treated equally in the progressive nation. The mindset of everyone has changed considerably.  

Vaishalee Thakkar

Vaishalee ThakkarActress Vaishalee Thakkar

Well, it's a great change in the thought process, I am glad we are evolving as any shift in the macro mindset is the most difficult achievement of any nation, and India is moving ahead in this direction. The smallest efforts make the biggest changes. On this day I salute each parent who fought for the rights for the girl child against all odds.

Angad Hasija

Angad HasijaActor Angad Hasija

It's our thinking that needs to change. Our society has changed as today if a girl is born people are happy. I have seen many people who want a boy and it's a fact whether it's a modern family or not. The mindset is that if a girl is born it's fine, but many wish for a boy. We are staying in upgraded societies and cities, so we just say that having a girl child is good, but somewhere the need for a boy is there in families and I have seen that. This mindset should change. I have a daughter and don't want anything else. She is everything to me. Girls never leave you and they are a beautiful blessing. They can give immense love.