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5 Jaw-Dropping Web Series And Movies For Weekend Binge On OTT

The weekend is here, and we bring you a few suggestions for web series and films that you must watch on a binge night.

A Poster Of 'Where The Heart Is'

Here are 5 web series and movies that we promise will brighten your day if you're seeking suggestions for what to watch this weekend for binge lovers, we have some recommendations of our favourite web series which are worth it to watch and surely it will keep you at the edge of your seat, while you are left compelled to binge watch the entire series.

‘Where The Heart Is’ (Voot)

Examining the significance of relationships and what makes a home genuinely special, ‘Where The Heart Is’ is a constellation of rich décor stories revealed by celebrities in their homes. The reasons why their houses are their sanctuaries and the adventures they took to give these settings their unique touches are highlighted in particular detail in Season 6. In the new season, viewers can take design and decor cues from the program and replicate them for themselves. The series has always provided viewers with a platform from which to draw inspiration and create stunning homes of their own. The newly curated aesthetic will continue with the new season.

‘Bake Squad’ (Netflix)

Bake Squad is an American Netflix Original series that premiered on August 11, 2021, for the first season of eight episodes. It is presented by Christina Tosi and features a returning group of four bakers who compete to make desserts for a different client in each episode. The series is only lightly competitive, with no prizes or elimination-style elements. Instead, the focus is on creating elaborate desserts for a per-episode client—usually for a celebration, wedding, or birthday. The bakers typically have seven hours to produce their desserts before presenting them.

‘Baby Mama’ (Amazon Prime Video)

This is such a fascinating tale about a woman who wants to become pregnant but is infertile. Despite taking various tests, she receives negative results. For the purpose of conception, she uses a surrogate. As this is a comedy/romance film where the surrogate always causes trouble for the lady, she offers her space in her home. It's worth seeing the movie on how surrogates expect significant compensation and a comfortable lifestyle in exchange for carrying your child because every scene is hilarious.

‘Titanic’ (Disney+ Hotstar)

Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio play the key characters in James Cameron's 1997 film Titanic, which was directed by him. The tale is a fictionalised account of the tragic Titanic disaster in 1912. The young couple on board, Jack and Rose, who attempt to survive while also saving many other passengers, are the main subject of the movie. Another reason to see this epic movie is Celine Dion's every night in my dreams, which is still among the best movie songs ever.

14 Phere’ (ZEE5)

Starring Kriti Kharbanda and Vikrant Massey 14 There is a humorous love story that is classified as a social comedy and is a blast to watch. Despite coming from different castes, Sanjay and Aditi fall in love and decide to wed. But because neither of their parents would approve of the relationship, they intend to come up with a scheme that involves making a fictitious family. How well will they do? You should pay attention to and analyze that.

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