I like my tea and so far I’ve liked it simple — a quick boil, a dash of milk, strained and out. But after I got this tea mug from Sikkim my tastes in tea drinking have evolved to finer levels. I now drink ‘Khangchendzonga’ from Sikkim’s Temi tea estate and let my taste buds travel through its very fine bouquet and flowery though rich liquor. What introduced me to this elevated journey was this very finely painted Chinese tea infuser mug with matching strainer. Its sheer convenience makes it so fuss free — no tea pot, tea cosy and you don’t even need a tray. After the tea has soaked for the requisite time, remove the strainer and place it on the upturned lid. At Rs 120 it’s a steal! The tea, of course, will cost you a lot more.

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