Visiting wildlife and being a part of it are two completely different things. In the history of Southern Asia, it is for the first time any zoo is initiating an event like Rainforest Lumina (July1, 2018-February 28, 2019), an eight-month-long event, where people will not only visit to see animals but to get the experience of being a part of wildlife. The focus of this event is to involve the visitors in a magical experience and create awareness that everything in nature plays a crucial role, including you. This initiative by Wildlife Reserve Singapore and Moment Factory is to blend nature’s activities with multimedia effects to portray tales of the jungle which were never told before.

Interactive photo session with digital installation of animals
Interactive photo session with digital installation of animals

Walking through the one-kilometre stage set up in 11 zones will give visitors a special experience which will be enhanced by a lot of digital and audio effects. As the theme suggests “We are one”, everything is focused around creating awareness among visitors on how everything in nature is hitched to one another. Visitors will also get a chance to do a lot of interactive activities to keep themselves engaged during the night jungle walk in the tropical rainforest. The Creature Crew will be available to guide the visitors; the digital installations of orangutan, flying fox, sloth, chameleon, Asian small-clawed otter, pangolin, hornbill, and tiger cub surely won’t fail to amuse you. So sing, play or take selfies with these installations—fun is guaranteed.

No animals are going to be a part of the event; all event stages are set up in areas from where light and sound won’t disturb the animals.

If you want to visit the zoo, a separate ticket has to be purchased for the morning to evening hours. The festival can be enjoyed by all age groups (wheelchair-friendly). Book your tickets online to avoid waiting in the queue (and hurry!)

The information

Location: 80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826
When: July1, 2018 – February 28, 2019

Time: 7:30pm- 12:00am every night

Tickets: $22 for adults and $16 for children below 12

Online booking available here