There are boats, and then there are coracles. In Hampi, the favourite mode of crossing the Tungabhadra is the humble coracle. This round-shaped boat (it looks like one-half of a hollow coconut) can be hired for a trip to the tiny hamlet of Anegundi. If you happen to go after the rains, crossing the mighty Tungabhadra can be exciting. But for most part, the river is a shallow ford and the coracle moves with some effort. Once afloat, time comes to a stand still. And you see life as it must have existed in Hampi centuries ago. The self-imposed time travel has its drawbacks — crouching in the boat and holding on to its side, as it jerks and stumbles over rocks, takes some skill. Fortunately, it’s a short ride to Anegundi where you can explore an ancient fort and the Anjaneya Hill, believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. In its heyday, it was one of the outposts of Hampi. If you don’t want to go ‘coracling’, you can always walk back to Hampi.