The City Gates

The citadel of Mandu had 12 gateways. The Delhi Darwaza, to the north of the fort, serves as the primary entrance. To the east lies the Jehangir Gate. You can also visit the Sat-sau Sidhi or Seven Hundred Steps, the Bhagwanpur Gate and the Tarapur Gate.

Jahaz Mahal

Jahaz Mahal literally translates to ‘ship palace’. This palace owes its name to its unique shape of an anchored ship.

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The arches of Hindola Mahal
The arches of Hindola Mahal

Hindola Mahal

This structure was called Hindola Mahal or the ‘Swinging Palace’ because of its slanting walls. Shaped like the alphabet ‘T’, the aesthetic appeal of this simple building remains unparalleled. Palace Ruins

To the north of Munj Talao lies a cluster of ruins, believed to be remains of the royal retreats of the Malwa Sultanate. The royals probably retired here to enjoy music, poetry and art.

Jami Masjid

Hoshang Shah, the first king of the Malwa region, started building this mosque, but it was completed by Mahmud Khilji. This elegant mosque’s central niche has been exquisitely decorated with verses from the Quran.

Baz Bahadur’s Palace

Built much before Baz Bahadur came to power, this palace is an example of Mughal and Rajput grandeur. The main feature of the palace is a courtyard with halls and rooms on all four sides. These were the king’s quarters as well as spaces used for public meetings.

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Roopmati’s Pavilion offers gorgeous vistas
Roopmati’s Pavilion offers gorgeous vistas

Roopmati’s Pavilion

Beyond Baz Bahadur’s Palace lies Roopmati’s pavilion on the lofty crest of the hill. It offers a gorgeous view of the palace as well as the Narmada.

Hoshang Shah’s Tomb

Believed to be the inspiration for the builders of Taj Mahal, Hoshang Shah’s Tomb was the first structure to have been made in white marble. This austere monument emulates the reverence that the subjects held for their beloved ruler.

Rewa Kund

This revered lake is frequented by people undertaking the Narmada parikrama or circumambulation.


When to go October–March is the official tourist season but catch the beauty of Mandu during monsoon (July–August)

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