Visit Meghalaya: Nature's Playground At Its Dazzling Best

From root bridges to caves and dazzling rivers, Meghalaya is an absolute delight to the senses

The Umngot river flows through the small town of Dawki Photo: Wikimedia Commons

I stared wide-eyed at the two bridges. The first was made of bamboo and the second of rusty iron cables. Both had steel wires to hold onto for support. A board read 'Don't shake the bridge', but despite my best efforts to adhere to this instruction, it shook and swung as I walked over it. An unnerving experience to walk on this bridge, suspended 2,530 feet in the air. On the other side of this primitive piece of engineering stood the village of Nongriat, home of the famed double-decker root bridge, one of the most prominent attractions in Meghalaya.