Taking long rambles in the wild forests and observing the wonderful bird life is one of then best things to do in Chopta. Around 76 avian species have been recorded in this area. The Tungnath shrine is a 3-hour trek away. It is a delightful walk, with the feel of a day picnic. As you climb, the switchbacks begin, and the forest recedes, giving you a feel of the Chopta meadows you have left behind. On both sides of the path, there are broad swathes of grassy slopes, with tiny clusters of wild flowers, wild rosemary and berries. Just before you get to Tungnath, there is a tiny Ganesh Temple perched on a rocky spur. A lovely 24-km (one-way) trek on a well-marked forest trail leads from Chopta to the gorgeous lake Bisudi Tal, set in a nook of a deeply forested hill. Press on from Bisudi Tal to Kala Pahar, 6km deeper into the Kedarnath Sanctuary. This trek will take 5–6 days and you will need to carry provisions and camping gear.
Tip: Chopta is the best access point for the Kedarnath Sanctuary

Sunset from Chopta
Sunset from Chopta
Precious Kamei

Where to Stay & Eat

Neelkanth Hotel (Cell: 098305 61283, 07500240789; Tariff: ₹1,250– 1,650) offers en suite doubles. Akashdeep Resort (Cell: 09627276459; Tariff: ₹1,200–1,500) and Hotel Snow View (Cell: 073516 37172; Tariff: ₹1,200–2,000) are decent. You can also stay in Dugalbitta, 2km to the west of Chopta. Magpie Jungle Camps (Cell: 07055600137; Tariff: ₹3,000 per person, with meals) has 10 tents set amidst flowering shrubs. Alpine Adventure Camps (Cell: 084769 14402, 07351636880; Tariff: ₹1,800 per person, with two meals) and Maya Deep Resort (Cell: 08193972722, 09756017058, 09410527199; Tariff: ₹1,000–2,500) are other choices. They can also arrange hikes to Tungnath, Chandrashila and other points around Chopta.