Stop by the Bronx River Art Centre’s (BRAC’s) temporary gallery in Mott Haven, the Bronx, New York city, to see a special exhibition entitled the Sculpture of Food, open until April 11. The exhibition is a part of a two-year series entitled Food Systems, Surroundings & Sensibilities and aims “to draw attention to food as a creative medium and muse, indicator of culture, and pressing social and political issue, most importantly specific to the Bronx,” said Karine Duteil, who has curated the show.In the works on display, food is both a building block for an art object and an idea to be conveyed. The materials chosen by each artist to construct the works, whether they be stone, fur, paper or candy, create significance that could contradict or add to the cultural weight that belongs to an everyday package of candy or a bloody side of beef. On the final day, April 11, SPURSE will lead a foraging walk (from 2-5pm) and host a picnic that explores the complex entangled relations that humans and plants have in co-shaping the urban ecosystem.

What: The Sculpture of Food
When: Open until April 11
Where: Bronx, New York city

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