The Al Andalus train, Spain’s version of the Palace on Wheels, promises to take passengers to the Golden Age of the ‘Belle Époque’. While you indulge in luxury in beautifully decorated lounge carriages and comfortable cabins, the train will travel through different landscapes every day.
The train’s four saloon cars are treasures of railway history dating between 1928 and 1930. Breakfast buffet, lunches and dinners will be served in these spacious and charming carriages. Besides, you can relax over the morning newspapers and enjoy live entertainment every evening.
There are two types of on-board accommodation. Deluxe suites and Gran Class bedrooms. They belong to the same series used for the British Royal Trains in the early 20th century. Today their original ‘Belle Époque’ décor also includes a full range of modern amenities.
The Spanish are very serious about their gastronomic indulgences and the Al Andalus leaves no stones unturned. Expect to enjoy world famous products such as olive oil, sherry, Jabugo Iberian ham, fish and Galician seafood with refreshing dishes such as gazpacho other typically Andalusian or Castilian recipes. The gastronomy of each area, accompanied by the wines from the best guarantee of origin, gives its personal touch to the different itineraries.
Al-Andalus offers two different itineraries to choose from. The Andalusian Route and the Extremadura Route.
The seven days and six nights’ Andalusian route will take you through vibrant and diverse Southern lands. On this trip, you will approach the essence of Andalusia in a very original and fascinating way aboard a vintage train that will make this journey an unforgettable experience, promise the operators. 
Passengers can also explore the attractive destinations en route on specially arranged guided tours. The train leaves Seville (famous for the Giralda tower, the cathedral and the Alcázar palace) towards Cadiz and Jerez (don’t miss the sherry and the traditional equestrian displays). The third, fourth and fifth days include stops in Ronda (with spectacular views) and Granada (with the magnificent La Alhambra and the chance to enjoy some flamenco). The sixth day brings you to Linares, Úbeda and Baeza (World Heritage cities) and on the seventh day you’ll arrive in Cordoba (with its Mosque and wonderful historic quarter).
The six days and five nights’ Extremadura route follows the historic ‘Via de la Plata’ itinerary. Discover the secrets of the Iberian pig, be transported back in time to ancient Rome or the Middle Ages, relax surrounded by nature, bird watching (spotting countless birds of prey), or visit a centennial winery belonging to the Royal Spanish Crown.
It starts in Seville and heads to the historic city of Zafra. On the second day, you’ll visit Mérida, with its Roman amphitheatre. Then the train takes you to Caceres, where you can see its historic quarter that has been preserved almost intact. The next stop is Monfragüe National Park, which is perfect for birdwatching. On the fifth day, the train heads towards Toledo (where the Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures coexisted for centuries) and ends the journey in Aranjuez, where you can stroll around the gardens and the palace, and then on to Madrid. You can also take the route in the opposite direction, beginning in Madrid and ending the journey in colorful Seville.