If we said it snows in Orissa (Odisha), would you accuse us of April-fooling you? Well, it does! Okay, sparingly. And in peak winter. But Daringbadi in summer can be just as incredible. Think pine forests and coffee plantations, waterfalls and sleepy villages, misty mornings and twelve degrees at night — not 200km from the baking metropolis of Bhubaneswar. The question is: if it’s so close to an airport and has a decent place to bed in (Deers Eco Home; contact:ecotourism.org), pray why has it not made the guidebook-cut? The answer lies in Daringbadi’s now infamous address. Located in Orissa’s Kandhamal district — back in the news for not-good reasons — only the boldest and the bravest venture this far. But those that do, return smitten.