Aurora borealis. The dance of these vivid red and green lights in the northern sky, their reflection on sparkling white snowfields—the experience has no parallel. Alas, that cumbersome chase at an ungodly hour once they have been spotted, only to have them disappear by the time you reach, isn’t fair! Which is what makes the new Aurora Wilderness Camp a great idea. It is a slightly bizarre, slightly fascinating accommodation offered by an Englandbased tour operator, Off the Map Travel, where two mobile log chalets, placed on top of sleds, are dragged to the best vantage points at the beginning of each aurora season. They have glass roofs for an uninterrupted view of the sky, and are parked in isolated places, great for privacy. You could spot the Northern Lights while snuggling in your bed, relaxing in the outdoor hot tub, grilling sausages on the campfire or even riding on a snowmobile along the tundra. The double-sharing cabin is offered along with a four-day full-board itinerary (from ¤3,198 doubles, including transfers, activities and a guide). This season, Aurora Wilderness Camp is positioned six kilometres from Kilpisjärvi in Finland.
Bookings open till April. Visit