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Lawyer, Freedom Fighter, Politician: Nehru was not a historian, but his erudition went beyond the ma

Arts As A Refuge From The Pressures Of Our Demanding Careers: Unleashing Untapped Potential

However, in a world where professional courses often emphasise technical skills and specialised knowledge, there's a growing realisation that a more holistic approach to education can unlock untapped potential.

03 July 2023
Beginning with Gregor Samsa: A scene from The Metamorphosis directed by Arthur Pita, London

Why Liberal Arts? A Way To Exploring Human Relationship And Chaos

A liberal arts education forces students to be thrown out of their familiar corners and confront multiple viewpoints

03 July 2023
Illustrations by Chaitanya Rukumpur

When Science Meets Arts

A good liberal arts education allows the student to flit between disciplines before settling into one.

29 June 2023
Edward Jenner inoculating a child against smallpox

Global Vaccine Research Collaborative Could Pave The Way For Faster Pandemic Response

The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasized the need to strengthen existing health architectures and be better prepared for responding to recurring outbreaks in the future.

18 June 2023
A security personnel guards during wrestlers' protest against Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, near Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.

Wrestler's Protest: A Long Battle Ahead

The wrestlers’ pursuit of justice has so far been heroic, but their fight will clearly not end with Singh’s arrest

10 June 2023
Indian wrestlers, from right, Bajrang Punia, Sangita Phogat and Vinesh Phogat talk to each other ahead of their protest march towards the newly inaugurated parliament, in New Delhi.

Wrestlers' Protest: It's Time To Reflect

What does the wrestlers’ protest tell us about the reality of violence against women in India?

09 June 2023
Odisha Train Accident

In Odisha Train Tragedy, Twisted Facts And Narratives Fed To The Vulnerable

Immediately after the Odisha train tragedy, when the minds were the most vulnerable, why was an attempt made to feed the conspiracy theory angle?

09 June 2023
Recovering resources: Plastic bottles at a recycling facility

Recasting Plastic Industry

A circular economy approach aims to reduce plastic waste, maximise the value of resources, and minimise the environmental impact

04 June 2023
Tech aid: A water cleaner machine cleaning the Ganga in Varanasi as part of the Swachh Bharat Missio

Innovating To Manage Plastic Waste

While Indore and Pune have developed their own models to work with ragpickers, cities like Goa and Indore have invested in material recovery facilities

04 June 2023
Who raises the demand and why? It is the foot soldiers of the right wing, who want to keep the communal pot boiling; to create hatred; and, inter-communal polarisation.

Uniform Civil Code: Law Of No Returns

The Uniform Civil Code should be put on the back-burner and the focus should be on the codification of different personal laws

31 May 2023
The UCC is predicated on civil reforms which are inextricably linked to socio-economic reforms.

Uniform Civil Code In India: Uniformity Or Conformity?

The UCC is not a bad idea as such. But in a pluri-national and multi-religious nation like India, it may not be the best option

30 May 2023
 The essence of a UCC is not to homogenise, but to harmonise

One Nation, One Law

India, with its incredible religious and cultural diversity, could benefit from a Uniform Civil Code. How urgent is our need for the same?

30 May 2023
PM Modi rally

Karnataka Elections: BJP Fell To Anti-Incumbency But Congress Kept To Local Issues

While the Congress remained singularly focused on the target right from the start, the BJP was busy digging its own grave, hurtling from one misadventure to another.

19 May 2023
Women and children walking along the beach with the waves beneath their feet, West Bengal

Population Trends: A Progressive Shift

Can changes in population trends swing a gender revolution?

09 May 2023
Celibate Lives: Artistic representation of Sage Vishwamitra being enticed by Menaka

This Thing Called Celibacy: Going Beyond Sexual Abstinence

Our ancestors were among the earliest ones to obsess about sex. Because the rishis in Hindu mythology aspired for a higher purpose in life, sex was clearly something that came in the way.

28 April 2023
An experiment in social coalitions

Jaati, Hindu, Hindutva: An Experiment In Social Coalitions In Karnataka

How economic rivalries and interdependence shape Hindutva politics in coastal Karnataka

20 April 2023

The Power Of Art 

Premjish Achari writes a column on the relevance of art festivals in the 21st century

09 April 2023
Portrait of a worker in Ladakh

Lockdown And Rescue

In 2020, the estimated 10 million migrant workers who took the long journey back home, laid bare some fundamental questions about justice, inclusion and equity

31 March 2023
Change Hands: A bungalow that once belonged to an Anglo-Indian family has now been converted to a hostel

The Lost Glory Of McCluskieganj

In the 1930s and 40s, Anglo-Indians who moved to McCluskieganj, their new home, had a tough time settling in because of the lack of basic amenities

23 March 2023
Of Better Days  An old colonial bungalow seen in the picture is owned by the church. It is now in ruins. Damyanti (in red), who runs a small tea stall by the road, and a school teacher now live in the bungalow

McCluskieganj: The Ghost of 'Mini England'

The colourful people who lived there made McCluskieganj what it was. Alas, only a few are left now

23 March 2023
A Place of Their Own: The Whitefield Club established in 1905

The Future Of Anglo-Indians In India

Where are Anglo-Indians, as a community, heading? What does the future hold for them? Will they be around or would they be relegated to the pages of history books?

23 March 2023

A Poet Recounts The Story Of Her Mother Being Branded A ‘Witch’

More than the lack of education and health services, it is the politics of dispossessing a woman that keeps the belief in the ‘witch’ alive

01 March 2023

The Land Where Every Woman Is A Witch And Every Man Is A Witch Finder

According to researcher S. Bosu Mullick, most analyses of the persecution of women as witches focus on economistic perspective and tries to attribute it to political economy; the cultural origins of it are undermined

01 March 2023

The Mandar Killing Of Women In Jharkhand

An account of the blood-curdling violence that groups of men become complicit with in their fear of women with power

01 March 2023

Nothing Ever Changes In Nagaland Politics

With its numerous clans, tribes, politicised groups and the conflicts within, Nagaland is stuck in a cycle of repeating old mistakes.

10 February 2023