Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023

After years of coercion and co-option, Adivasis are fighting for their religious identity and rights, forcing political parties to take note.

Issue Date : 05 December 2022


The Adivasi World: One With The Earth

When one enters the Adivasi world, one lives a different time, a different space, a different vibe


The Adivasi Writes Back: A Poem By Jacinta Kerketta

A poem that shames the destroyers of adivasi culture


Why Adivasis Are Claiming Sarna As Their Religion

The Adivasis of the Chota Nagpur plateau have their own vision of the world, a vision once again under threat by the so-called ‘civilised’ forces of the world


Adivasis In Jharkhand Want Their Own Religion, Will RSS Let Them Have It?

With the Centre dragging its feet owing to resistance from the RSS, it would be a long haul before Adivasis have their own Sarna code


The Colonialism Within: Adivasi Lands Being Colonised In Cahoots With Corporates

The unabated exploitation of Adivasis and their land for resources may well lead to their extinction from their homeland


Will Adivasis Be Able To Stave Off Attempts To Saffronise Them?

The assertion of an Adivasi identity has stonewalled the Sangh Parivar’s project in Jharkhand to incorporate Adivasis into the larger Hindu fold


Are Adivasis Being Taken For Granted?: The Politics Of Activism Among Adivasis

Contrary to what upper caste activists tend to project, Adivasis can negotiate with the Indian state on their own terms


Most Of The Tenets Of Gandhi's Philosophy Come From Adivasis

The Gandhian philosophy holds that morality is a holy divine system, which a person experiences naturally and internally on his own. This moral awakening arises from sensing divinity.


The Tribal Sporting Spirit And Dominance Of Tribals In Indian Sports

Tribal sportspersons have amazing talent. They are devoted and have high endurance. They are comfortable playing even on the hottest days without losing their spirit


Why Tribal Literature Cannot Be Divided Into ‘Folk Literature’ And ‘Nobel Literature’

Adivasis don’t fall into the lingual traps of modernity. In their philosophical tradition, they are more realistic and scientific than any society

Art & Entertainment

Culture Of Resistance: Megnath Speaks On How Music And Films Shape The Struggle Of Adivasis

The Adivasi folksongs, if one deeply examines, not only carry the mundane poetic beauty of their lives but it reflects their struggles against the 'development' that so-called civilised wants to impose.


How Tribals Are Guarding Indigenous Faith In The Northeast

In the states of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim, organised religion has interacted with the local tribal faith in different ways


Land Reforms: How Adivasis In Kerala Have Been Systematically Robbed Of Their Land

Adivasis in Kerala have got a raw deal from all governments, which have systematically dispossessed them of their land


Encountering ‘Development’: The Sad And Sorry State Of Baiga Tribals

The Baigas remain one of the most vulnerable Adivasi groups in India


Will The Real Adivasi Stand Up In Gujarat?

The claims of Hindus and Christians on the Adivasis in Gujarat correctly perceive the importance of the 'tribal vote' but end up ignoring the stark realities of tribal life and identity.


The Vocabulary Of The Jungle

Life assumes a different hue when you see it beyond the GDP, as you can hear the poetry of silence and ambivalence that Bastar weaves. Excerpts from award-winning book, 'The Death Script'


The Politics Of Memory: Birsa Munda Statues In Jharkhand

Birsa Munda statues in Jharkhand are sites of appropriation for politicians and live memory for Adivasis


Tribal Diary: Sushma Asur And My Mother

Meeting an Adivasi woman reminds me of my mother and their common love for Mother Nature