Sunday, Jul 03, 2022

As Hindu right-wing groups turn up the heat over the Gyanvapi mosque, all eyes are now on the judiciary and legislature for an amicable solution to the tricky issue. A wide-angle look at the controversy through ground reports and expert columns.

Issue Date : 06 June 2022


Varanasi Diary: A Teacher Recalls And Laments Her ‘Lost City’

The people who have lived in this very 'Baba ki Nagri' have lost their roots. Earthly forces have denied them permission to stay close to the divine.


Mandir-Masjid Row: Bengal's Adina Mosque, Largest In Indian Subcontinent, Next In Line?

Even though the Adina mosque has been in the crosshairs of Hindutva activists of late, there is very little evidence to suggest that any temple existed there in the past


Gyanvapi: Whose Land Is It? Check History Of Temples And Mosques In Gyanvapi Complex

If Hindus and Muslims accept the historical facts of Gyanvapi with an open mind, this issue can be resolved amicably, and serve as a model for other disputed sites.


ASI Took Just 10 Days To Compile Ayodhya Report, Is It Being Used As A Tool To Serve Political Goal?

The past, present and future of ASI is invariably linked to the shifting political ideologies in the country


Gyanvapi: Tales Of Fear, Hope And Redemption From Ancient Kashi

Gyanvapi Mosque-Kashi Viswanath Temple Dispute: Kashi is where fact, faith and fiction come together to form a unique tapestry of text, subtext and context.


Will Gyanvapi Set Off Another Ayodhya In India?

As the campaign to remove the Gyanvapi mosque in Varanasi gains momentum, another Ayodhya looms large over India.


Goa’s Own Gyanvapis: Govt To Reconstruct Temples Destroyed During Portuguese Regime?

The violent colonial past of Goa has resurfaced as a clash of ideology as the Hindu right-wing seeks to undo the wrongs of the Portuguese military and Catholic church


Places Of Worship Act, 1991: When A Law Itself Is Put To Trial

While some ruling BJP leaders demand that the Places of Worship Act, 1991 be repealed, legal experts describe it as a weak law with ambiguous clauses


Gyanvapi Complex: History Of Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Its Present And Future

The wounds of history may heal if Muslims return Krishna Janmabhoomi and Kashi Vishwanath. It may open the doors to lasting amity between the two communities.


From Gyanvapi To Mathura: Another Mosque, Another Temple

A maze of ‘shell’ trusts and other bodies—some registered, some not—have been legally contesting the claims on the land on which Mathura’s Shahi Idgah mosque stands