Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Politics over food is bubbling over—with so many castes, religions and regions, can food choices ever be dictated in India?

Issue Date : 02 May 2022


Gourmand's Diary: Linking Local Food With People

Countries like Japan, France, Italy and Spain pay special attention to their food by telling stories about how they emerged, why people cook them and their relevance. But in India, we are stuck by the 'glamour' of Western food like pizzas and burgers.


The Big Picture: Food In Cinemascope

Aradhana Seth has utilised Indian kitchens, and all objects and rituals associated with them, as a means of shaping a particular kind of onscreen imagery


What Ignites Hatred In The Belly?

The new welfarism as part of the neoliberal reforms undertaken in early 1990s is yet to ensure that all citizens receive enough nutritious food


Food Apartheid: Non-vegetarians Not Allowed!

Mumbai’s cosmopolitanism is slowly giving way to food apartheid, as residents militantly police consumption of meat in their housing societies. And the hate is fast spreading across Maharashtra.


Indigenous Food: The Not-So-Secret Ingredient For Sustainability

Sometimes, the way food gets positioned socially may have no relation to how science determines its nutritional value.


That Bitter Taste: When Food Becomes A Political Weapon

Food becomes a tool of politics when it acquires ethical messages of abstention or becomes a culinary aesthetic


Goa On The Menu: Food And Family Through Time

Culinary slices of life involving a matronly figure and her brood


A Pandit Must Know His Meat

The Kashmiri Pandit will eat his rogan josh as if his life depended on it


Food Insecurity: No Prayer For The Malnourished

Behind the record sales of Parle-G during the pandemic is India’s murky reality—lack of safety net and food security


Mid-Day Meal Scheme: We Need No Politics

MDM menu cannot be allowed to be determined by political parties operating on myopic interests instead of food and nutrition scientists


Caste On A Platter: Food For Dalits

What constitutes Dalit food? There are many choices but no palatable answers.


Beef In The Land Of Humans

To eat or not to eat? Liberal and progressive Goa is caught in the middle of a political battle over food habits.