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Issue Date : 21 February 2022


Artists' Diary: Partners In Art

Into the world of Moonis and Baaraan Ijlal

Art & Entertainment

In Memoriam: Goodbye Lata Mangeshkar

A tribute to the inspiring artiste that was Lata Mangeshkar


'Music Me Ka Ba': How Campaign Songs Define Tonality Of Elections

In the grand theatre of Indian elections, foot-tapping campaign songs are unavoidable tools of engagement for political parties in the fray. The use of memetics –capacity for cultural transmission –is characterising the emerging dimension of campaign music


The Kingmaker? Rise And Fall Of Raja Bhaiya In Uttar Pradesh Politics

UP Election 2022: Which way is Raja Bhaiya likely to tilt as he decides to contest 17 seats without coalition?


Is India Headed For A Demographic Disaster?

India could be well staring at a demographic disaster and Bihar could be at the centre of the disquiet over joblessness


The Post-Pandemic Budget And The Rural Distress

Instead of providing employment, experts believe the post-pandemic Union budget is likely to deepen the distress in the rural economy


Who Is Accountable For India’s Rising Joblessness?

Is unemployment an economic issue or a governance failure? Is unemployment a true reflection of the actual rate of joblessness in the country? We explore.


Work In Progress: Job Promises That Drive Elections In India

The promised jobs are yet to materialise and India’s unemployment problem continues to grow bigger.


Uttar Pradesh Election 2022 And Polarisation Politics

As the BJP gears up for re-election, the Hindu-Muslim card is likely to be played out stronger than before


Despite Market Reforms, India’s Job Market Has Only Gone Bad To Worse

Why have erstwhile reforms failed to help India generate jobs and gainfully employ its skilled youth?


Is Entrepreneurship A Viable Alternative To Jobs?

How practical is it to aspire to be self-employed? Does it pay off for all those who venture? What are the pitfalls?


Employment And The Dalit Equation

The pandemic and the job cuts that came with it led to a double exclusion of the dalits, who anyway have limited options for employment


The Truth About Manual Scavenging In India

Decades after Independence and despite its leaps in science and technology, India is yet to find an alternative for manual scavenging


Is Job Creation Only A Government Responsibility?

A more important role the government has in the matter of job creation is that of building an ecosystem conducive to creation of jobs


Living On The Edge: The Pandemic And Its Axe On The Migrant Workers

The migrant workers, the fringe labourers and the last man, it has been a testing time for the lot as the pandemic took away every ounce of security from their lives.


High On Hope: The Widening Gap Between Aspiration And Job Opportunity

On the eve of polls, educated Purvanchal youth are in a bind – whether to vote for caste and creed or choose job security by sacrificing their core convictions


Jobless, Hopeless: India’s Nowhere Generation

They don’t have jobs nor do they have direction. There is an increasing discontent among the youth of India