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Issue Date : 12 February 2018


The Mingled Light of Two Bleeding Moons

Wahhabism is transforming Indo-Islamic civilisation. A scholarly yet accessible essay collection analyses the interface between West and South Asian Islam.


Panth And A Foreign Hand

A new real threat of Khalistani ­terror, fuelled and funded by foreign ­gurudwaras patronised by liberal white politicians, has revived memories of a blood-drenched era of Punjab’s history


Marked By A Violent Time

The Khalistan years recalled through a woman’s life


‘Sikh Extremists In Canada, The UK And Italy Are ­Working With ISI Or Independently’

Talking to Outlook, Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh explains the role of 'foreign hand' in reviving Khalistani extremism in the state.


A Few Queries, Just In...

India will want the visiting PM to reconsider his soft line on resurgent Sikh radicals in Canada


A Neo-Colonial Project Called SDM Syndrome

A spurt in ‘separatist diasporian movement’ gives Canadian Khalistanis new impetus


Punjaap Tripped On A Fuse

An ambitious AAP flirted with the wrong ­sentiment in Punjab last year—separatism


The British Seeds of Secession

The Sikh response to Indian nationalism was complex—­loyal soldiers of the colonial army, they didn’t fall for the ‘separate electorate’ idea

Art & Entertainment

They’re Calling It ‘Storyteller’s Jackpot’!

Scriptwriters come out of the shadows as Bollywood, its formulas failing, hunts for quality content


Act 2 Diary

"You could say politics too is a form of theatre—an enactment or performance," writes veteran actor Govind Namdev about his acting journay and plans ahead.


Big Brother And A Little Black Goat

Perumal Murugan re-enters the world of letters with a novel that depicts an outlier's struggle to ­live and love in a society where privacy is history


The Subcontinental Menu

Why Darul Uloom Deoband doesn't want women to watch football? How are they cashing the cow in Gujarat? Read all the juicy gossip here...


Deep Throat

A regular column on the essential buzz


Saluting The DM

I salute you, DM of Bareilly. Sure, Chandan Gupta shouldn’t have been killed in Kasganj and we grieve for him, but there is no need to bully our fellow citizens, just to prove the colonialists right.

Making A Difference

Ripples Turn Into Waves

Changed public sentiment puts Dhaka in a cleft stick on hasty repatriation of Myanmar refugees


Nero Plays A Veena Called Saraswati

A sudden spurt in Haryana’s crime points to an administration that lacks in political will and is pressured by caste politics. The CM, though, will ‘remain’.


The Direct Line

This year’s Budget throws in some original reforms with regard to direct taxes


Doldrums And Derailed Schemes

Investment in Railways needs careful monitoring in light of poor performance


Late Seeds Of Illusion

Suddenly, ryots get false hopes. In poll year, harvest isn’t all about field crops.


Take Me Home, Country Roads

Rural development schemes have been allocated record sums


The Same Old Taxing Times

A low fiscal deficit on his mind, the FM plays it safe with taxes. Only the old have reason to smile.


Modicare: Insurance Policy 2019

Jaitley promises succour, belatedly, to aggrieved sectors. But is it too thin a supply of oxygen for India’s distressed?