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The Coming Caste Wars

Mandal could have helped transcend caste. But we are moving in quite the opposite direction: a ­narrowing down of democracy to group claims. Here’s why.

Suhas Palshikar
Cover Story
All along, the Patels of Gujarat had stood in opposition to caste quotas. That did not work, so they have started demanding OBC status.
Ushinor Majumdar
Cover Story
Murderous agitation seeking OBC status has pitted Jats against all other communities
Pragya Singh
Cover Story
At Maratha rallies, the speeches clearly take on an anti-Dalit tone
Prachi Pinglay-Plumber
Examine the external agents who are behind the violence
K.C. Chalam
Triple Talaq
Uniform Civil Code or not, family laws need to change for women to be equal citizens
Bula Devi
Web Extra
Flavia Agnes, on the need for uniformity of rights across religion and reforms within, rather than the much debated and politicised Uniform Civil Code.
Bula Devi Interviews Flavia Agnes
Hot Pursuit
Centre talks loudly about the cross-LoC strike, but hushes up anti-insurgency ops at the Myanmar border. A ground report.
Dola Mitra
The iron lady on Manipur who has decided to fight elections talks about her life after ending her 16-year hunger strike, the insurgency and how to end it
Dola Mitra INTERVIEWS Irom Sharmila
An army officer who was part of a team that conducted one of the recent ‘hot pursuits’ into Myanmar on how such counter-insurgency ops actually take place
Outlook INTERVIEWS Army Officer
Leader Comment
Since we, as a nation, take immense pride in our Upanishadic traditions, why don’t we ask questions?
Uncle Marx
Charges of nepotism make the CPI(M) in Kerala take up some image-saving measures
Minu Ittyipe
The spectre of China ought to be dispelled the prospect of business
Pranay Sharma
Leading political commentator and former advisor to US secy-general, Dingli Shen talks about the present state of Sino-India relations and the Pakistan factor in it
Pranay Sharma Interviews Dingli Shen
It is difficult to ignore the milling crowd outside Dishoom, the hot and happening Indian restaurant at the snazzy Covent Garden.
Anil Thakraney
Biz Profile
Meet R. Sundaram, the entrepreneur who wants to make the Indian aeronautical industry self-reliant
Lola Nayar ON R. Sundaram
There are new ways to depose the emperor of maladies
Ajay Sukumaran
Eminent oncologist, Dr V.P. Gangadharan on the need for prevention, early screening and detection to stem the surge of the ­disease in India.
Minu Ittyipe INTERVIEWS Dr V.P. Gangadharan
We need ten times the resources we have against cancer
Harit Chaturvedi
Sports Inquiry
Probes in national sports bodies seek reasons and remedies for the Olympics debacle
Qaiser Mohammad Ali
National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) president Raninder Singh on the inquiry committee he has instituted to figure out the reason behind the Olympic debacle
Qaiser Mohammad Ali INTERVIEWS Raninder Singh
Railways only served the ends of imperial loot and barefaced racism
Shashi Tharoor
Shashi Tharoor on his new book and why he thinks the British owe India an apology
Satish Padmanabhan INTERVIEWS Shashi Tharoor
Bastar’s adivasis are battered by vigilantism, dispossessed by the state’s landgrab and failed by the justice system
Manoj Mitta
The Insider
A regular column on the essential buzz
Epic Crossover
Feroz Abbas Khan’s new musical is a theatrical tribute to K. Asif’s 1960 epic movie Mughal-e-Azam
Prachi Pinglay-Plumber
KJo’s movies have only enriched the wedding industry
Giridhar Jha
The Bhopal-based oil artist, talks about bagging a painter’s spot for the film Loving Vincent, and her decision to quit computer engineering.
Stuti Agarwal INTERVIEWS Shuchi Muley
An honourable Svengali and his Mujib-speaking protege ply their trade in liberated Bangladesh. Imam weaves a hyper-realistic tale of tragedy, farce, idealism and power.
Outlook in Rewind
10 Years Ago
Even in the still and serene surroundings of his 2,000-acre estate on the Sahayadri slopes in Chikmagalur in the Western Ghats, Ashok Kuriyan can feel the hustle-and-bustle and the pace of the Indian economy. At Balanoor Plantations, the "feelgood" factor has gripped every worker, including its MD Kuriyan. After all, despite a huge rise in input costs, it netted a cool profit of Rs 30 lakh this season, compared to a "no-profit, no-loss situation" in the previous one. "If we had not got the Rs 25 lakh subsidy last year, we would've been in serious trouble," says Kuriyan.