Unlocking 10,00,000 Acres Land Rs 2,50,000 Crore
Cover Story

This Land Is Your Land

Ten lakh acres—that’s 4,000 sq km, the size of Trinidad and Tobago­—are lying idle with central PSUs. How can India benefit?

Lola Nayar
The land that is freed up could be used for affordable housing
Sanjoy Chakravorty
Economic affairs secretary Shaktikanta Das on the plans and challenges of making an inventory of surplus landholdings with over 200 central public sector enterprises
Lola Nayar Interviews Shaktikanta Das
Industry will be transformed as factories will soon be data-driven
Sunil Bahri
Below the Cauvery’s currents run linguistic and ­ethnic faultlines. The water claim is just the tip.
Ajay Sukumaran
Rahul Gandhi’s long-awaited elevation as party chief may not happen before the UP polls
Bhavna Vij-Aurora
Akhilesh sacks ministers, chief secy and clips Shivpal’s wings
Bhavna Vij-Aurora
Politics of crime
Shahabuddin swaggers out of jail, targets Nitish, is coddled by Laloo. And fear stalks Siwan again.
Giridhar Jha
Mahmood Farooqui’s rape conviction for forced oral sex opens a hectic debate about the ‘lacunae’ in the amended criminal law
Pragya Singh
In a democracy, judges being disciplined by the executive is not an option because it defies the basic principle­ of separation of powers
Rajeev Dhavan
Leader Comment
The open letter written by Justice Markandey Katju, to the judges of the Supreme Court demanding justice in the Ikhlaque case
Markandey Katju
We need to transform ruler’s police into people’s police.
Prakash Singh
First Person
Wherever prayers were allowed, they were followed by protests
Showkat A. Motta
Whose Onam is it anyway? Maveli is the enigmatic nub around which history, myth and politics clash.
Minu Ittyipe
Women & Wine
In a country where ‘wine’ shops sold everything but wine until a decade ago, much has changed since, with women rising to the industry’s top
Stuti Agarwal
Alexievich’s visceral first-person accounts from the last days of the USSR are saturated with anger, longing and hope
Navtej Sarna
A compilation of the events that led to the 2013 IPL batting-fixing scandal and its consequences
Qaiser Mohammad Ali
All the start-up entrepreneurs featured in the book have amazing stories to tell—of struggle, of peer pressure and of intrigue.
Arindam Mukherjee
A magazine that challenged nationalist establishments could not hope to access the mass market.
Kanak Mani Dixit
The Insider
A regular column on the essential buzz
The Lodha Committee has rung the bell for long-term cricket administrators. They’re now looking at proxies to retain control.
Qaiser Mohammad Ali
Mumbai’s Prithvi Theatre, battling a funds crunch, scrimps on its famous festival
Prachi Pinglay-Plumber
The Reviews
Could easily have transgressed into poverty porn territory, with a side of White Saviour Complex tossed in...
Anirudh Bhattacharyya
The Reviews
Mildly funny, pseudo-feminist, and not in the least offensive
The bestselling author is the only Indian woman writer to be on the Forbes list of most influential people in India. Her new book, It’s All In the Planets, is just out.
Arushi Bedi Interviews Preeti Shenoy
An honourable Svengali and his Mujib-speaking protege ply their trade in liberated Bangladesh. Imam weaves a hyper-realistic tale of tragedy, farce, idealism and power.
Outlook in Rewind
10 Years Ago
Even in the still and serene surroundings of his 2,000-acre estate on the Sahayadri slopes in Chikmagalur in the Western Ghats, Ashok Kuriyan can feel the hustle-and-bustle and the pace of the Indian economy. At Balanoor Plantations, the "feelgood" factor has gripped every worker, including its MD Kuriyan. After all, despite a huge rise in input costs, it netted a cool profit of Rs 30 lakh this season, compared to a "no-profit, no-loss situation" in the previous one. "If we had not got the Rs 25 lakh subsidy last year, we would've been in serious trouble," says Kuriyan.