Wednesday, Dec 06, 2023


Omar Atshan, a Palestinian prisoner released by Israel in exchange of hostages abducted by Hamas, hugs his mother.

The Politics Of War

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu linked the Hamas’ October 7 attack to the Holocaust and roared ‘Never again’, only those for whom Israel can do no wrong failed to recognise what Netanyahu had actually...

05 December 2023
Historical Snapshots: A farmer’s settlement in Emek Jasreel

Israel's Settler Colonialism And The Depravity Of Habermas' Philosophy

What the world needs is not philosophers of truth-molesting consensus, but philosophers with a conscience

05 December 2023
 Indigenous solidarity with Palestine

Natural Allies: Indigenous Communities Stand With Palestine

Indigenous communities across the globe are lending their support to the Palestinians

05 December 2023
Israel Gaza War

Israel's War On Gaza: Israel Resumes Gaza Bombing As Truce Expires

After the truce expired, dozens of Palestinians have been killed by Israeli air strikes, as Hamas and Israel blame each other for violating terms of agreement. The truce lasted seven days and saw the release of 110 hostages...

01 December 2023
United Voices: Hundreds of people marched through London on November 11 calling for a ceasefire in Gaza

How A Dangerous Mix Of Theology And Geopolitics Have Led To Abandonment Of Palestinians

If anything could explain the unconscionable abandonment of the Palestinians, it is theopolitics—a dangerous mix of misinterpreted theology and geopolitics

01 December 2023
Narrow Window: Palestinians  fleeing Gaza on the third day of truce between Israel and Hamas

'Gaza Is Afraid Of Calm...': Amid Possibility Of Constant Death, Humanitarian Pause Means Little

The four-day-long humanitarian pause allowing a trickle of aid into Gaza after nearly two months of indiscriminate bombing and 16 years of blockade offers bare respite for civilians, no more than that

01 December 2023
A Palestinian boy plays amidst the rubble of the destroyed Al-Aqsa university

Resistance Of Lullaby: Gaza Comes More Fearlessly Through The Faces Of Children

The sound of lullaby is deep, it endures on the landscape; it refuses to die even in death

01 December 2023

Gaza Is Not Elsewhere, Most Media Has Failed The People There

The one thing this war in Gaza has shown us is that we can be so numb. Every day, more people are dying. Many journalists are dead. Many are still documenting life in Gaza and that’s how we see the horror.

01 December 2023
Funeral ceremony of Palestinian journalists Saeed Al-Taweel and Mohammad Sobh, who were killed by Isreali airstrikes in the Gaza strip.

Photo Feature: Children Of War

So far over four thousand children in Gaza have reportedly been killed by Israeli attacks as the deadly conflict rages on

20 November 2023
Reduced to Rubble: Civil defense teams and citizens conduct search and rescue operations after an Israeli airstrike hit a home in Khan Yunis, Gaza

A Testament To Resistance: People In Gaza Firm On Their Right To Win Dignity And Freedom

The people of Gaza are losing families, friends, homes. But they still firmly believe in their right to resist the occupation to win their dignity and freedom

20 November 2023
Bloody War: The stains of a blood-soaked hand on the wall of a bomb shelter near the Gaza Strip

All Eyes On Israel As It Rains Down Death And Destruction On Gaza

The Israeli military is trying to exterminate Hamas and all the innocent civilians in Gaza who come in its way

20 November 2023
Unspoken Carnage: A protest march demanding an end to Israel’s bombing of Gaza in Denver, Colorado, USA

Israel-Palestine War: How The West's Response To Gaza War Exposes Double Standards

The response of Western democracies to civilian killings in Ukraine and that of Palestinians in Gaza has exposed their double standards

09 November 2023
Photo: Getty Images

When Will We Be Free Of Hunger And Poverty?

Food security and poverty are deeply interconnected in both the immediate and the long-run perspectives. Hunger and malnutrition often stem from poverty, as people living in poor conditions may not have the means to access...

05 November 2023
End of Innocence: A Lebanese girl looks through a shattered glass window after Israeli shelling landed near her house in Dahaira village, South Lebanon

No Water, No Aid: Palestinian Women On Their Own As Israel Continues To Bomb Gaza

Over 60 per cent casualties in Israel's ongoing assault on Gaza are women and children.

05 November 2023
Imagination:  The drawing of the home that Haya Touma made during the conversation

The Elusive Home: Memories, Belongings And Displacement In Palestine

The Sophie Ernst-Haya Touma interview

31 October 2023
Caught in the Crossfire: An elderly Jewish man walks in Jerusalem

Bethlehem, Jerusalem And A Friend In Gaza

I see Gaza collapsing, and children dying. A million Gazans are fleeing, as the war burns their homes down

31 October 2023
Wall of Despair: An Israeli woman looks at photos of those missing or held captive in Gaza displayed on a wall in Tel Aviv

Uncertain Future: Implications Of Israel's All-Out Assault On Gaza

The war, which commenced with the Hamas attacks of October 7, is far from over and there is much suffering yet to come 

31 October 2023
Amid the Ruins: Palestinians inspect the rubble after an Israeli air strike near a school in the Gaza Strip

Israel-Gaza Conflict: What Will Be The Endgame?

The easy part for Israel is to eliminate Hamas, but can the military kill the idea of freedom?

31 October 2023
Art and Artist: Vibha Galhotra with Nun Inokinya Irodiona at the Alexander Podgorie Nevsky Church

Jerusalem Diary

Vibha Galhotra writes about life in Jerusalem, the city central to the three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

21 October 2023
Cracks on Murals: Over 5,000 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel in 20 minutes

Blaring Sirens, Numbing Silence: First-Person Account Of Living Through Air Raid Sirens In Jerusalem

Senior journalist Kusumita Das gives a first-person account of the events of October 7 from Jerusalem when Hamas mounted an all-out attack on Israel.

21 October 2023

From Nakba To Intifada: A Glossary Of Terms From Israel-Palestine Conflict

This is a glossary of terms that dominate the discourse around the long-running Israel-Palestine conflict.

21 October 2023
Postcards of Prayer: The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, where hundreds of letters to God, written by people from all religions, are sorted out and placed between the cracks of the Wall every day

Those Struggling For Revolution Must Realise Terrorism Is Weapon Of Fascism, Pseudo-Religious Fundamentalism

From Mahatma Gandhi, Mandela, King and many others, we learned that never should a crime against humanity be considered a tool of resistance. Whatever the cause might be, whatever the grievances against another country,...

21 October 2023
Work by Dan Hamitzer on a street wall in Wadi Nisnas

In Memory Of Elusive Peace

While the State of Israel was established on 15 May 1948 and admitted to the United Nations, a Palestinian State remains elusive.

20 October 2023
Hand in Hand: A woman protests against Israeli air strikes on Gaza in Madrid, Spain

Gaza’s Echoes Of Despair

The road to peace is becoming more and more tortuous and old strategies are crumbling under the rubble of new conflicts.

19 October 2023
USA Flag and Capitol Building

On The Dangerous Naivete And Hubris Of American Foreign Policy

The question is, is America the leader of only the West or of the rest too? The answer is unclear. If there is an answer at all, it will determine the tenacity or fragility of the American imperium. Surely, we live in and...

02 September 2023