Wasbir Hussain
Wasbir Hussain


  • Legitimising Ethnic Militias? 

    Why does the government absurdly take up the truce offers that can only lend legitimacy to small bands of armed men who kill people, strike terror and then come out to talk peace?

    BY Wasbir Hussain June 8, 2017

    Legitimising Ethnic Militias? 
  • Down But Not Out As Yet 

    Bangladeshi cooperation has been critical in crippling the ULFA, but there is certainly some potential for its regrouping with Chinese support, evidence of which is already available.

    BY Wasbir Hussain June 8, 2017

    Down But Not Out As Yet 
  • A Turf War

    The aftermath of the rioting in Assam has led to one of India’s largest humanitarian crises, with more than 400,000 men, women and children living in nearly 300 ill-equipped relief camps

    BY Wasbir Hussain July 29, 2012

    A Turf War
  • Dhaka Arrests Terror

    With foreign sanctuaries for Northeast Indian insurgents shrinking, it is only a matter of time before the government decides to seriously engage only with those factions which come forward to resolve their issues through dialogue

    BY Wasbir Hussain May 4, 2010

    Dhaka Arrests Terror
  • Is Peace About To Break Out?

    Negotiations seem to be advancing well with ULFA and NSCN-IM. Almost all other major separatist groups, barring Manipur, have now entered into ceasefire agreements. But it's still a road littered with political minefields.

    BY Wasbir Hussain February 17, 2010

    Is Peace About To Break Out?
  • A Rebellion In Deep Freeze

    A ceasefire and a peace process can only be meaningful within the context of a broader solution – but there is little evidence that the government has any coherent idea of what this is to be.

    BY Wasbir Hussain September 29, 2009

    A Rebellion In Deep Freeze
  • The ULFA Mutiny

    Whether or not the announcement of a truce by a section of the ULFA will serve any purpose in taking the 'peace process' forward, by raising the issue of illegal influx from Bangladesh, they have put the ULFA leadership in the dock

    BY Wasbir Hussain July 2, 2008

    The ULFA Mutiny
  • Old Frontier, New Command

    After Beijing's recent outbursts, New Delhi finally moves to set up a Unified Command in the state where, in the recent past, MLAs and cabinet ministers were alleged to be linked with insurgents

    BY Wasbir Hussain April 29, 2008

    Old Frontier, New Command
  • Outsourced Terror

    Drastic shifts in strategy by the highly adaptive ULFA, Assam's frontline separatist group, have compelled the security establishment to carry out a major rejig in operations.

    BY Wasbir Hussain March 24, 2008

    Outsourced Terror