August 03, 2021

Veeresh Malik

  • Why Have This Train At All?
    Why Have This Train At All?

    The Delhi-Attari stretch is all about smuggling between India and Pakistan, if I may say so. There is no...

  • Nil Bill
    Nil Bill

    The going rate to clear an unpaid 'nil' bill, if I recall correctly, was Rs 100 in non-receipted cash in an...

  • Rev Up.... Another Mirage
    Rev Up.... Another Mirage

    A palpable price cut for cars? Only if they're made smaller. Ah, that won't happen.

  • Still There...
    Still There...

    We really thought that our man in Pakistan was headed home, but while he has been back in India for months...

  • Homeward Bound
    Homeward Bound

    Over three months after my visit, we see new PMs in both countries, POWs being returned, and signs of...

  • Broad Ways
    Broad Ways

    Remember our man in Islamabad who, last heard, was waiting for the Chief Guest at a Lahore production of the...

  • Our Man In Islamabad
    Our Man In Islamabad

    It was just another touristy day for our man from Delhi as he continued his peregrinations in and around...

  • Pindi Peregrinations
    Pindi Peregrinations

    Our man from Delhi continues from where he left off - wondering where the women are, sharing weird jokes with...

  • The Passage To Pindi
    The Passage To Pindi

    "Ram Chander!! Ram Chander!!"... A group of very rural looking men in white dhotis with big metal rings...

  • The Train To Pakistan, 2004
    The Train To Pakistan, 2004

    Do you love trains too? I can never sleep on them. This is one contented train whistling North. Even the...

  • The Journey Of A Lifetime
    The Journey Of A Lifetime

    Dad passed away on the 16th of February, earlier this year. I am now 47, had more than 70 countries under my...

  • The Root Of All Evil
    The Root Of All Evil

    My own experience as a political aide to a minister taught me to keep quiet when bundles would have 95 to 97...

  • Violet, Indigo
    Violet, Indigo

    Tata's new three-boxer rests on an Indica platform. And you get to be nice and comfy in the backseat.

  • Vir Savarkar
    Vir Savarkar

  • Will Small Be Big?
    Will Small Be Big?

    A few predictions about the future of the Maruti 800 and the market for small cars

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