June 12, 2021
Strobe Talbott

Strobe Talbott

  • The Payback Man
    The Payback Man

    Putin has been itching for a showdown with the US that he could win, and he thinks he has found it. It will...

  • Global Citizen
    Global Citizen

    The re-election of Barack Hussein Obama as American President is dream to some, nightmare to others

  • The In-Box From Hell
    The In-Box From Hell

    Obama entered office with a horrendous legacy but, that aside, resolving global challenges requires internal...

  • Beyond Bush And Iraq
    Beyond Bush And Iraq

    Repudiation of the Clinton legacy, which was, by transitivity, a repudiation of the Bush Sr. legacy, as well...

  • Nuking NPT
    Nuking NPT

    While Manmohan Singh's critics, in India, charge him with having got promises for commitments, in the USA,...

  • War In Iraq, Revolution In America
    War In Iraq, Revolution In America

    There is a difference between being a leader and a boss. America's strength depends on the strength of the...

  • Bush At The Rubicon
    Bush At The Rubicon

    The inspections are turning into 'a rerun of a bad movie', for Bush, and he says he is 'not interested in...

  • The Axis Of Irony
    The Axis Of Irony

    Has the Iraq crisis reinvigorated the UNO? Revealed Bush Jr.to be more of a multilateralist than the rest of...

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