July 30, 2021

Ranjit Bhushan

  • The Vanished Spies
    The Vanished Spies

    India's premier intelligence agency RAW finally admits to being compromised, out spills a few turncoats

  • The Saffron Sunset
    The Saffron Sunset

    Now, the Great Purge. After historians and governors, it's the turn of RSS men ensconced in other spheres of...

  • Our Men In Raj Bhavans
    Our Men In Raj Bhavans

    The UPA has proved it's no better than any other government in power by sacking four governors and replacing...

  • Backseat View
    Backseat View

    An expert body to monitor the CMP, but what is the extent of its powers?

  • Doc Feels It In His Bones
    Doc Feels It In His Bones

    It's India's secret malady—osteoporosis—that bothers him. Or rather, the elitism of its cure.

  • Port Hole
    Port Hole

    An American warship is 'caught' spying in the Indian waters under the pretext of research

  • Clear Win For NDA With 276 Seats
    Clear Win For NDA With 276 Seats

    Congress Allies are behind with 166 seats - but there is more bad news for the Congress: slipping to an...

  • Six Feet Under
    Six Feet Under

    A pall of doubt hung over their buying. Now mull over the selling of the coffins, meant for Kargil martyrs.

  • Gently, On The Bramble
    Gently, On The Bramble

    Imperialism and other animals; All hands on the deck; Naidu numerology, Mission of goons; Things fall apart

  • Setting Sail On The High C
    Setting Sail On The High C

    An archaic military law is pushing men in uniform to seek redressal in civil courts

  • Knight Up, Sizing Up The Board
    Knight Up, Sizing Up The Board

  • Thin Red Line
    Thin Red Line

    The PW is on the run in its stronghold, Telangana. But its tentacles are throbbing in the rest of...

  • Brass Target
    Brass Target

    The Opposition is gunning for Advani's head, it wants him tried for conspiracy in the demolition case Updates

  • Foul Weather Friends
    Foul Weather Friends

    Sonia Gandhi is all for electoral alliances. But can she hold one together?

  • Boulderised Tracks
    Boulderised Tracks

    The Konkan rail accident raises the safety issue again

  • Uncle's Grand Slam!
    Uncle's Grand Slam!

    The top brass fumes at a secret American report which calls the Indian army arrogant and protocol-obsessed

  • The Lonely Fern
    The Lonely Fern

    After a string of political crises, the old 'socialist' has to cohabit with saffron or stand in inglorious...

  • Virility Unstuck
    Virility Unstuck

    Not only have India's superpower dreams remained unfulfilled, most experts find South Asia unstable now

  • Course Correction
    Course Correction

    Pilots wilt under pressure. Strike is called off

  • Jail Bird's Song
    Jail Bird's Song

    His bout of coyness may (not) last. But the law is one antidote to Togadia Updates

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