March 29, 2020

Ramananda Sengupta

  • Infobahn To Tokyo
    Infobahn To Tokyo

    Tokyo still wants India to sign the CTBT, but is willing to extend aid and explore partnerships in IT

  • Symptoms Of Softness
    Symptoms Of Softness

  • A History Of Yielding
    A History Of Yielding

    Lax, emotional, fluffy, bully, correct but not ruthless... Definitions of India span the spectrum

  • Pardon, The Slip Shows
    Pardon, The Slip Shows

    The clemency clause comes to the rescue of the Russian crew, but security experts are irked

  • Daring Daliance
    Daring Daliance

    A young provincial mayor reflects the face of new China

  • Frozen Turbulence
    Frozen Turbulence

  • Scaling The Great Wall
    Scaling The Great Wall

    There's a new willingness to talk and listen, but relations with China have a long way to go

  • Borderline Warmth
    Borderline Warmth

    Bilateral ties are on the mend, but true Sino-Indian entente is still some way off

  • Hindi-Chini Bye Bye?
    Hindi-Chini Bye Bye?

    The Indo-US cosying up may have an equal and opposite spinoff: China-Pak bonding

  • Daughter’s Passion
    Daughter’s Passion

    Chelsea is there for nearly every Indian do and Indian food, from Bombay Club, is her favourite.

  • Spying On Buddha
    Spying On Buddha

    Looking for India’s N-installations? Just visit

  • A Call To Arms
    A Call To Arms

  • 'India Has A Hard Face But A Flabby Interior'
    'India Has A Hard Face But A Flabby Interior'

    Four India watchers in the US spoke to Outlook about the implications of the Kandahar episode Excerpts:

  • 'India's Become A Major Player'
    'India's Become A Major Player'

    It's India's biggest trading partner and the largest donor of grant funds. Yet, most Indians seem to only...

  • To Talk Or Not To Talk?
    To Talk Or Not To Talk?

    India doesn’t want to legitimise Pakistan’s junta-for now at least

  • Neighbourly Wars
    Neighbourly Wars

    India wastes no time in isolating Pakistan. But making SAARC the next theatre of action might not be in...

  • The French Correction
    The French Correction

    L’affaire maid may not affect Indo-French ties but it has definitely put egg on Indian diplomacy’s...

  • More Kudos, Less Bite
    More Kudos, Less Bite

    The ARF summit took the Indian line, even if it didn't seem so at first glance

  • Speaking In Many Tongues
    Speaking In Many Tongues

    Government representatives take differing stands on a probe

  • A Pyrrhic Victory
    A Pyrrhic Victory

    A bilateral solution seems distant. The US, wielding a stick over both nations, is the real winner.

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