Pranesh Prakash
Pranesh Prakash


  • The 'Unconstitutional' Section 66A

    With yet another arrest in Palghar today, the focus seems fixed on the grossly misused provision of the IT Act. Exploring why this section is unconstitutional, how it came to be, the state of the law elsewhere, and how we can move forward.

    BY Pranesh Prakash 27 November 2012

  • Adding Insult To Injury

    Not only were two girls arrested for comments one of them made, and the other 'liked', on Facebook about Bal Thackeray, the police did not even take any action against the mob that vandalised the clinic of the uncle of one of the girls.

    BY Pranesh Prakash 18 November 2012

  • What The Government Wants Blocked

    While we come to grips with the "egregious mistakes" in the websites sought to be "blocked" by the government, here's a preliminary analysis on a leaked list of the websites blocked.

    BY Pranesh Prakash 22 August 2012