June 18, 2021

Prakash Karat

  • Nationalism Made In USA
    Nationalism Made In USA

    Defence cooperation is part of India’s increasing subordination to US geostrategy

  • What Congress & CIA Brought Down
    What Congress & CIA Brought Down

    The first Communist government’s welfare measures were not socialistic but democratic reforms

  • 'Parliamentary Democracy Has Been Subverted'
    'Parliamentary Democracy Has Been Subverted'

    'Reports of bribery, intimidation and horse-trading have been proved true by the cross-voting and abstentions...

  • 'Face Parliament'
    'Face Parliament'

    And now comes the spin about "crushing burden of price-rise and galloping inflation". Left says in addition...

  • Left Will Not Compromise
    Left Will Not Compromise

    'What is the cause for this ongoing crisis? The answer lies squarely in the prime minister's renewed bid to...

  • 'Confused And Contradictory'
    'Confused And Contradictory'

    That is how the CPI (M) General Secretary dismissed the media reports on the remarks by Com. Jyoti Basu.

  • Left March On The Eastern Coast
    Left March On The Eastern Coast

    'The nuclear deal, the military agreement and the economic policies designed to advance the interests of US...

  • Don't Proceed With IAEA
    Don't Proceed With IAEA

    'The government should not proceed further with the agreement ... this would require not taking the next step...

  • 'Unable To Accept The Agreement'
    'Unable To Accept The Agreement'

    'The Left calls upon the government not to proceed further with the operationalising of the agreement. There...

  • The Grizzly Bear Hug
    The Grizzly Bear Hug

    The Left's views on Indo-US ties stem from patriotism, not anti-capitalist bias

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