Prakash Karat
Prakash Karat


  • 'Face Parliament'

    And now comes the spin about "crushing burden of price-rise and galloping inflation". Left says in addition to the nuke deal, the support is being withdrawn "since the Congress led government is willfully disregarding the Common Minimum Programme".

    BY Prakash Karat 8 July 2008

    'Face Parliament'
  • Left Will Not Compromise

    'What is the cause for this ongoing crisis? The answer lies squarely in the prime minister's renewed bid to go to the IAEA for seeking the approval of the Board of Governors on the text of the Safeguards Agreement'

    BY Prakash Karat 28 June 2008

    Left Will Not Compromise
  • Left March On The Eastern Coast

    'The nuclear deal, the military agreement and the economic policies designed to advance the interests of US capital are parts of the trio which are harmful for India's sovereignty, independent foreign policy and the people's economic interests.'

    BY Prakash Karat 2 September 2007

    Left March On The Eastern Coast
  • Don't Proceed With IAEA

    'The government should not proceed further with the agreement ... this would require not taking the next step of negotiations for the safeguards agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency'

    BY Prakash Karat 19 August 2007

    Don't Proceed With IAEA
  • 'Unable To Accept The Agreement'

    'The Left calls upon the government not to proceed further with the operationalising of the agreement. There has to be a review of the strategic aspects of Indo-US relations in parliament.'

    BY Prakash Karat 6 August 2007

    'Unable To Accept The Agreement'