July 26, 2021
Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

  • The Costs Of Violence
    The Costs Of Violence

    Obama's global drone assassination campaign is generating terrorists more rapidly than it is murdering those...

  • American Power Under Challenge
    American Power Under Challenge

    We cannot gain a realistic understanding of who rules the world while ignoring the “masters of mankind,”...

  • Fires That Never Cease
    Fires That Never Cease

    What’s next for Israel, Hamas, and Gaza?

  • How Many Minutes To Midnight?
    How Many Minutes To Midnight?

    The bin Laden raid could have led to nuclear annihilation. America's nuclear history is riddled with examples...

  • Outrage

    Almost every day brings news of awful crimes, but some are so heinous, so horrendous and malicious, that they...

  • 'Our Everlasting Shame'
    'Our Everlasting Shame'

    It is important to understand what life is like in Gaza when Israel’s behaviour is “restrained,” in...

  • The Real American Foreign Policy
    The Real American Foreign Policy

    The “security” in national security means not the security of the American people but of those who run...

  • The Obama Doctrine
    The Obama Doctrine

    Is the US president veering toward isolationism? Or will he proudly carry the banner of exceptionalism?

  • ‘Responsibility To Protect’?
    ‘Responsibility To Protect’?

    'In Western discourse, it provides authorisation for the US and NATO to use violence wherever they choose...

  • The Third Option
    The Third Option

    The Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in Jerusalem proceed within a framework of assumptions that merit careful...

  • The Path To Disaster
    The Path To Disaster

    We've had the capacity to destroy ourselves since 1945. But there are more long-term processes like...

  • Plutonomy And The Precariat
    Plutonomy And The Precariat

    Or, in the imagery of the Occupy movement, the 1% and the 99%. Not literal numbers, but the right picture.

  • The Real Meaning Of May Day
    The Real Meaning Of May Day

    People seem to know about May Day everywhere except where it began, here in the United States of America....

  • 'Violent Suppression Of Protest'
    'Violent Suppression Of Protest'

    Letter to the PM protesting against the developments in West Bengal — arrest of Dr. Partho Sarothi Roy, a...

  • The Imperial Way
    The Imperial Way

    American Decline in Perspective, Part 2: The capacity to implement the principles of imperial domination has...

  • Losing The World
    Losing The World

    American decline is real, but despite the piteous laments, the U.S. remains the world dominant power by a...

  • Anniversaries From
    Anniversaries From "Unhistory"

    Right now we are failing to commemorate an event of great human significance: the 50th anniversary of...

  • Revolutionary Pacifism
    Revolutionary Pacifism

    Can we proceed to at least limit the "scourge of war" that the United Nations was founded to "save succeeding...

  • That 70s Show
    That 70s Show

    'The 1970s set off a kind of a vicious cycle that led to a concentration of wealth increasingly in the hands...

  • Was There An Alternative?
    Was There An Alternative?

    Looking Back on 9/11 a Decade Later: how the US consistently played into bin Laden's hands. What should it...

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