June 25, 2021

Jaya Jaitly

  • Art Must Get Off Its High Horse
    Art Must Get Off Its High Horse

    While the state and patrons sponsor contemporary art, traditional artisans are pitied, exploited or...

  • A Home For Gori
    A Home For Gori

    Reminds us that many humans and animals have more meaningful relationships than humans between themselves

  • First Light
    First Light

    Embodies the spirit of Kalakshetra style of Bharatanatyam in content, style and visual appeal

  • One Shoe Isn’t Quite Enough
    One Shoe Isn’t Quite Enough

    The missile he threw at the home minister made a statement; now Jarnail Singh pens a searing book

  • The Inhumans
    The Inhumans

    Exposes the ugly side of man, who indulges in senseless killing, intrigue, greed, jealousy—attributes not...

  • Her Own Code
    Her Own Code

    An unwaveringly honest, intensely personal yet universal book. Helps us understand the underbelly of our...

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