January 19, 2021

Jaideep Mazumdar

  • The Last Ilish Curry
    The Last Ilish Curry

    Smoked, baked, steamed, and now scuppered: Bengal's rivers are cleaned out of their hilsas

  • The First Martyr
    The First Martyr

    A sepoy rebelled in 1824. But was it India's first anti-Brit mutiny?

  • Kolkata Korner
    Kolkata Korner

    'Kolkata Korner', with yours truly as the writer, draws to a close with this. It has been exciting and very...

  • Kolkata Korner
    Kolkata Korner

    I'm yet to come across a salwar-kameez that can reveal the navel. A saree, to me, is sensuous attire, a...

  • Kolkata Korner
    Kolkata Korner

    I knew I was right about my assessment that Kolkatans would panic, over-react and retreat into a shell if any...

  • 'Top Leaders Must Be More Pragmatic'
    'Top Leaders Must Be More Pragmatic'

    A disastrous poll just over, Bengal's comrades are livid with Karat's gung-ho withdrawal

  • Kolkata Korner
    Kolkata Korner

    The CITU needs unruly, anti-social and rogue elements in its ranks to enforce its writ on society. It is all...

  • Jungle Visas
    Jungle Visas

    A centuries-old annual migration must be turned back. On Bengal's Nepal border, man and elephant clash. A...

  • Kolkata Korner
    Kolkata Korner

    Do those who criticise Kolkata and Bengalis harbour a bias against the city and the community? Before trying...

  • Bazaar Korte Hobe!
    Bazaar Korte Hobe!

    Treasures, trifles—Calcutta's auction houses burn with curiosities

  • Kolkata Korner
    Kolkata Korner

    "People who flaunt their refugee status even after so many decades deserve no sympathy; they are responsible...

  • The Other Oudh
    The Other Oudh

    A Calcutta pocket is poised to deck up its slice of Awadhi history

  • Siege Train
    Siege Train

    Not all their demands are unjust. A studied resolution is a must.

  • Kolkata Korner
    Kolkata Korner

    I know there'll be howls of protest to this, but the fact is that most Bengalis love status quo and are a...

  • Show Of Hand: Double Or Quits
    Show Of Hand: Double Or Quits

    Three Congress bastions in north Bengal show the way. Development, cadre are key factors.

  • Kolkata Korner
    Kolkata Korner

    Beneath that veneer of sophistication, the average Bengali is as communal and parochial as Raj Thackeray and...

  • People's Party
    People's Party

    Nandigram, Singur teach CPI(M) a lesson

  • Exeunt...

    Post Nandigram firing, the Communists are shooting at another movement: the theatre

  • Kolkata Korner
    Kolkata Korner

    Part II of the review of 31 years of the Left Front. The focus this week is on its utter inability, born out...

  • Beginning Of The End?
    Beginning Of The End?

    The panchayat results have rattled the Left. The malaise runs deeper than just the symptoms of Singur and...

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