July 28, 2021

Gita Ramaswamy

  • Other Heroes
    Other Heroes

    A must-read for those interested in literature from the Other India

  • Hard Rock
    Hard Rock

    A riveting portrayal of Uttam Kamble's mother, Ilanda, and also a brutally honest self-portrayal by the...

  • Cleft Stick
    Cleft Stick

    Nag prefers to steer away from opinion and stick safely to facts. It's a quick run-through of the issue for...

  • Yankee Hindutva Strikes
    Yankee Hindutva Strikes

    A study on Bible-thumping activism ignores titular faultlines, concocts plots couched in anti-imperialism

  • Separation Pangs
    Separation Pangs

    Cheated on promises of equity for decades, Telangana’s right to statehood is validated by scholars and...

  • Lunar Contrast
    Lunar Contrast

    A feel good book about adoption and global linkages brought about by intercountry adoption.

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