June 20, 2021

Frank Ching

  • Actions Speak Louder...
    Actions Speak Louder...

    ...than words, and actions in China of late have been deafening. A quick survey of world newspaper opinion...

  • Red Flagging Reform
    Red Flagging Reform

    Ousting of ambitious Bo Xilai and advent of reformers would be welcomed by China's foreign investors

  • Toxic Jasmine
    Toxic Jasmine

    If you’re looking for good jasmine tea on Baidu, China’s biggest search engine, you may be in for a...

  • Tomorrow’s Chinese Leaders
    Tomorrow’s Chinese Leaders

    At least one of the leaked cables about China is of unusual value as it sheds light on Washington’s...

  • The Beijing Standard
    The Beijing Standard

    China seems to believe that it can interfere in the internal affairs of other nations without entertaining...

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