Chitra Nair
Chitra Nair


  • Nailing The Business of Gaming

    Online gaming start-up founder Alok Kejriwal’s Getting Dressed and Parking Cars is a deep dive into the world of start-ups, the red flags one must watch out for and the importance of asking the right questions

    BY Chitra Nair 16 December 2023

    Nailing The Business of Gaming
  • Keeping Business Transformation Dynamic

    In their book ‘Revolutionizing Business Operations’, authors Tony Saldanha and Filippo Passerini make a case for the importance of dynamic business processes for constant evolution instead of an episodic approach

    BY Chitra Nair 11 December 2023

    Keeping Business Transformation Dynamic
  • Edtech Advocacy for the Future

    With his book ‘Educating a Billion’, Arjun Mohan, who returned to edtech start-up Byju’s recently, gives readers an insider’s view of the growth of the sector amid challenges and opportunities, the problems it is trying to solve and the importance it holds for the future of the overall education system

    BY Chitra Nair 30 September 2023

    Educating A Billion