Chandrali Mukherjee
Chandrali Mukherjee


  • ‘Animal’ Film Review: Spare Us This Beast

    While ‘Animal’ initially holds the promise of charting a fresh, psychology-driven path for Hindi action movies, it succumbs to the lure of shock value and franchise aspirations. Sandeep Vanga Reddy’s protagonists, consistently depicted as entitled creatures, fall into the realm of badly-behaved men resembling monsters. Animals, to be precise.

    BY Chandrali Mukherjee 16 December 2023

  • The Unbearable Slightness Of Being

    Milan Kundera’s ability to infuse humour and tragedy, lightness and weight, within the same breath was nothing short of magical. It was as if he possessed a secret alchemy, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Despite all odds, he did dare to explore the paradoxes of human existence. And in that pursuit, he did reveal the contradictions that lie at the core of our being.

    BY Chandrali Mukherjee 19 July 2023

  • Remembering Filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, Mon Amour

    In seeing cinema as an ‘instrument of knowledge’, Jean-Luc Godard the critic, was drawn to its usage as both a ‘microscope’ and a ‘telescope’ with which he could yield the katana of his words to unreasonable standards. In his early twenties, Godard is said to have already started preparing the ground for his nonlinear storytelling. With every improvisation, his tendency to befuddle his audience kept on escalating.

    BY Chandrali Mukherjee 5 February 2023