March 01, 2021
Badri Raina

Badri Raina

  • A Triumph Only On Television
    A Triumph Only On Television

    Sifting truth from hype is now a patriotic task. Look how the BJP's Assam win was pitched as an India-shaking...

  • India’s Gold Rush
    India’s Gold Rush

    At long last, we are catching up / With the pioneers who made / Of America what it is— We are digging for...

  • Eid Mubarak
    Eid Mubarak

    Finally, our actions must make/ Our wishes horses, so we ride To embrace every one’s human need; / Let...

  • The Gods Above Us
    The Gods Above Us

    They had great faith in the gods/Dotting the hills and dales—/ Those men and women who/Are now corpses.

  • The Grand Inquisitor
    The Grand Inquisitor

    Dear master Frankenstein,/Why dost thou sulk in woe?/ Is there a fruit I have plucked/ That you did not first...

  • Srinivasan Ji
    Srinivasan Ji

    Shri Srinivasan—he a good Indian;/ He knows how in India when words are uttered,/ It is mostly keeping in...

  • Cricket And Capital
    Cricket And Capital

    As GDP soars could cricket remain below?/Yet still we pretend that corruption is bad,/When corruption has...

  • Music

    Thou shalt not play music; / Playing music, you say to the world, / “what joy is intended in being...

  • Rape

    Woman, if and when you bless me, / You are goddess; / When you do obey unquestioningly / My command,...

  • The Land Of Pluralism
    The Land Of Pluralism

    Does India contradict itself?/ What if it does; its sages knew from / Sanaatan aeons that all/ Is...

  • Why Ravana Went Wet This Dusshera
    Why Ravana Went Wet This Dusshera

    I refuse, yes, refuse, this Dusshera/ To burn at your hands— You who deserve the burning more/ Roundly...

  • 2011

    The chicaneries will no doubt continue,/ but all will never go downstream either;/ there will be salmons that...

  • Ayodhya

    Even after all the blood has flown/ Down the Sarayu /The Mahants and the Mullahs / Inhabit an intimate zone...

  • The Games
    The Games

    'O India we assure you/ Your image shall not be dented;/ However the shit may hit the fan, /Our glories shall...

  • Kashmir Now Or Never
    Kashmir Now Or Never

    It is time to recuperate and refurbish the covenant of the federative promise and principle, setting a...

  • GDP Vs GDP
    GDP Vs GDP

    The story of Indian “Development”. It is Gross indeed: the number of our Destitute People

  • What Is The Difference?
    What Is The Difference?

    Try to look as poor as you can, the Victorian police chief advises Indian immigrants to Australia. Australian...

  • Constructing Shah Rukh Khan
    Constructing Shah Rukh Khan

    In a contest between non-sectarian Indians and sectarian ones, the latter are beginning to lose supremacy. An...

  • Our Ugly Underbelly
    Our Ugly Underbelly

    "Only whores choose their partners... Recently an educated couple married against the samaj's (community's)...

  • Notions Of The Nation
    Notions Of The Nation

    If indeed Obama wins the Presidency, the American voter would have set an example to other regions, India...

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