July 31, 2021
B. Raman

B. Raman

  • The Kaoboy Of R&AW
    The Kaoboy Of R&AW

    'There is one American species, which I could never bring myself to like during the 27 years I spent in the...

  • Shaking Hands
    Shaking Hands

    We should make it clear to the visiting Chinese PM that his country must take the first step of exchanging...

  • Let's Not Get Carried Away
    Let's Not Get Carried Away

    There is a need to restrain euphoric expectations from the positive statements on relations with India coming...

  • Damaging Democracy
    Damaging Democracy

    In maintaining silence in the face of the Taliban’s violence, the PML (N) and the PTI have been...

  • Target South Asia
    Target South Asia

    New jihadi magazine in English focuses on South Asia, including Afghanistan and India

  • Time For Change
    Time For Change

    The Prime Minister needs to immediately convene a meeting of the National Security Council to discuss a new...

  • The Chinese Motives
    The Chinese Motives

    The Chinese are seeking to pre-empt possible Indian activism against Chinese presence and interests in the...

  • Those Magnificent Kaoboys On Mule-Back
    Those Magnificent Kaoboys On Mule-Back

    As the news pour in about Chinese incursions in Leh, here's a visit down memory lane recalling the exploits...

  • Chinese Intrusions
    Chinese Intrusions

    The continuing Chinese troop intrusion in the western sector of the Sino-Indian border should be a matter for...

  • Keep Politics Out
    Keep Politics Out

    The political parties should leave it to the police and the counter-terrorism experts to do the investigation...

  • The Pressure Cooker Bomb
    The Pressure Cooker Bomb

    Reports of the perpetrator or perpetrators of the Boston blasts on April 15,2013, having used a pressure...

  • Boston Blasts
    Boston Blasts

    An act of terrorism involving well-timed serial blasts. There was reportedly an interval of only a few...

  • Can 1996 Repeat Itself In Afghanistan?
    Can 1996 Repeat Itself In Afghanistan?

    That is when the Taliban, with the help of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), captured power...

  • No Wiser One Year After
    No Wiser One Year After

    China is no longer an important and reliable window on North Korea as it used to be in the past. And the...

  • The Fire Spreads
    The Fire Spreads

    The anti-Han and anti-Beijing ferment, marked by endless self-immolations of freedom-loving Tibetans—monks...

  • Pakistan Elections: A Preview
    Pakistan Elections: A Preview

    Will the elections pave the way for another five years of civilian rule uninterrupted by Army intervention or...

  • 'China's Michelle Obama'
    'China's Michelle Obama'

    That's how an American TV channel described China's glamorous first lady, but her past record as a PLA...

  • Their Man In The NHRC
    Their Man In The NHRC

    The appointment of the retiring NIA chief at this time as a member of the NHRC will create a suspicion that...

  • Taming The Beast
    Taming The Beast

    Stung by widespread criticism of inaction by the security forces, the Myanmar President Thein Sein says he...

  • The View From Beijing
    The View From Beijing

    How does China view the recent meeting between Manmohan Singh and Xi Jinping?

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