January 17, 2021
Ashley J. Tellis

Ashley J. Tellis

  • Resurrecting A Ghost
    Resurrecting A Ghost

    A return to nonalignment is misguided, potentially dangerous, and would leave India perilously vulnerable

  • Cruel Illusions
    Cruel Illusions

    Military leaders in Rawalpindi continue to believe that their current strategy of unleashing terrorism will...

  • LeT: An Instrument Of Pakistan’s National Strategy
    LeT: An Instrument Of Pakistan’s National Strategy

    ' LeT represents a specific state-supported and state-protected instrument of terrorism that operates from...

  • Altered Fundamentals
    Altered Fundamentals

    Despite honour of the first state visit, India is peripheral to the US strategy, as demonstrated by the...

  • Unfinished Business
    Unfinished Business

    Obama's Afghanistan-Pakistan Quandary: While his policy has got it mostly right, it is still tarred by risky...

  • Lessons From Mumbai
    Lessons From Mumbai

    'India has unfortunately become the "sponge" that protects us all. India's very proximity to Pakistan, which...

  • Here We Go Again!
    Here We Go Again!

    Arresting one or two of the alleged "masterminds," as Pakistan has now done in the face of US pressure,...

  • Weapons Of Words
    Weapons Of Words

    Pakistan's new government's approach to counterterrorism -- which includes talking to anti-US and...

  • India: The Only Country Worthy Of Special Treatment
    India: The Only Country Worthy Of Special Treatment

    Should the US sell nuclear technology to India? Yes. The sale would serve both the countries' national...

  • A Grand Transformation?
    A Grand Transformation?

    In the past, relations between the US, India, and Pakistan were largely zero-sum. The events of March 25,...

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