Phuro Political Peace Dialouge Intends To Foster Union Of South Asia

Rachna believes that South Asia is ready for peace, given the fact that South Asia has a comparatively more peaceful and friendly history and none of the nations were ever enemies and are only partitioned lands.

Rachna Sarma, the Founder of Phuro Innovations and a popular Political Peace expert hopes to provide a sincere helping hand in the emergence of Politcal Peace by building and working with entreprenerial collective consciousness who works together to improve the state of a region, country or the world. Rachna has been contributing in the capacity of a thought leader into World Peace space by supporting United Nations World Peace Day, UN Peacekeeping Day, Peace Education by hosting awareness events, speaking at various forums, publishing articles, research papers, policy notes, and delivering small projects. Working relentlessley to build the capacity of citizens of India & South Asia, Rachna is a credible voice South Asia for pioneering "Political Peace Dialogue".  


In 2019, Rachna established Phuro Innovations to promote and further her cause of World Peace by adopting a project called Political Peace Dialogue - South Asia, to cater to the new realities and challenges of South Asia.The new South Asia at present has a fast growing economy like India which is also struggling with poverty & disease at the same time, Pakistan a victim of violence, Afghanistan with a collapsed regime, bankrupt Sri Lanka, struggling Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh & disappearing Maldives. We have all of this and & on top noted humanitarian displacement due to climate change with migration taking the centre stage of the upcoming crisis.  This is a very serious place to be in and our political institutions and governments need to step aside from politics and sit together with public intellectuals and snap nations and regions out of this. With approximately USD 60 - 70 Billion invested yearly by a country like India to secure borders - the partitioned land, instead of reaping benefits from the rich soil of South Asia, it is time that we must find common grounds amongst South Asia nations in order to build communication. 


The absence of communication amongst South Asians nations, has resulted in systematic failure of regional interdependence, something that is very much visible in the form of economic crisis in many of the regional South Asian countries today.  The "Political Peace Dialogue " project intends to promote and bring together the thought leaders  to establish a structured dialogue for political peace, and empower South Asia by building capacity through people-to-people and business-to-business connect for igniting intra-regional trade and expanding the scope for tourism.  

Since its inception, Phuro Innovations has created various frameworks for political peace such as research note on "Past, Present & Future of Peace"  and "Venn Diagram for Peace". These are  based upon global case  studies of countries which gained independence around India's independence time and have taken some ground-breaking administrative and legislative reforms for a sustainable future. Through structured dialogues, the organisation has also raised voice and brought into focus the need for establishing more peace treaties like the "Indus Water Treaty", to save South Asia from further propelling into climate or conflict damage.  


On 21 September 2022, a political peace dialogue was organised with a focus on discussing the trade offs in governments while choosing to start dialogue at South Asia level, and deliberating upon the challenges & opportunities in Sri Lanka amidst the economic crisis.  

With a firm belief of the founder in the ability of entrepreneurs to support and promote sustainable development initiatives in South Asia, several renowned leaders have empowered Phuro Innovations' intelligent & noble cause such as Actor Pravin Dabas, H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, Hon. Brig. Dr Arvind Lal, Ms. Anshu Khanna  to name a few.  

Rachna believes that South Asia is ready for peace, given the fact that South Asia has a comparatively more peaceful and friendly history and none of the nations were ever enemies and are only partitioned lands. With a firm belief in the framework of Economic Interdependence as a globally proven solution for resolving conflicts, Rachna sees hope given the fact that leaders from South Asia  are coming forward, supporting and documenting their thoughts with Phuro Innovations.  


As it's said that charity always begins at home, a home is where your heart is. South Asia is our civilizational home and it is bleeding right now. It is the time for South Asian countries to awaken and stand for shared roots, history, culture, and a bright future. Rachna Sharma says that Phuro Innovations is not about its founder, its change agent. 

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