Nayab Stores: A Story Of Indian Culture Woven For Women And By Women

Nayab Stores is your destination for ethnic clothing, especially sarees, dupattas, and Kurtis. Nayab Stores aims to become your one-stop shopping destination for the range of lovely ethnic attire.

Biography of Nayab Stores: How it became a brand 

To buy your favourite outfits earlier, you had to visit those crowded shopping malls or jump from store to store to find that perfect combination for an occasion or festival. It used to give a personalised touch to your buying experience. However, Women’s Apparel Shopping on Online Channels has fundamentally changed the industry. Women no longer need to leave their comfort zone to buy their favourite clothes because brands are aiming to provide you the personalised experience at your fingertips. 

About Nayab Store: 

Nayab Stores is your destination for ethnic clothing, especially sarees, dupattas, and Kurtis. Nayab Stores aims to become your one-stop shopping destination for the range of lovely ethnic attire. Providing a premium experience with High Quality Ethnic Attire at a reasonable price is where they want to place themselves, so you can quit fretting about going out again and visiting shops in search of an ideal attire and worrying about the pricing for days to come. 

Nayab has a great collection of Handloom Sarees, Dupattas, Kurtis, Lehengas, etc. that will leave anyone with too many options. They provide a wide range of selection of sarees in various fabrics, patterns, colours, and price points. Therefore, one can pick a saree based on the occasion, taste, and your Budget. 

Nayab Stores is not just privy about the customer experience but also offers employment to over 5000 weavers in States such as Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, and Chhattisgarh. 

How Nayab Stores came to existence 


Life is like a game, when you master a level, it gets harder. It does not mean that life is unfair, but it has so much expectations from you. 

With this belief, Anand Mayee is an inspiration who is habituated to experience the tough side of life and feels that the best days shall never be taken for granted. Being in a small town, she never postponed things to be done in future when she gets an opportunity. She feels that opportunities are not handed to anyone, they have to be created. Anand Mayee is an example of how problems and challenges should be taken as teachings of life and God to get the best out of them and not get demotivated. 

When at a young age she was held back in Bhagalpur, after initial struggles she tried figuring out ways to not just read motivational quotes and stories but become a part of them. While starting modestly as a teacher, she considers it to be a life shaping experience. Being from a middle class family, she had to make her own way of earnings through teaching and part time modelling for saree brands which ignited her interest towards Bhagalpuri Silk Fabric and she started her comprehensive research on the types of silk yarn and its manufacturing by visiting villages where they were found and being manufactured in pitlooms. Even though she had no prior knowledge about them, but the zeal to learn about them made her do things which anyone of that age would think twice of. She collected the Silk Yarns and Linen Threads, went to villages like Champaran, Katoria, Bhagaiya, Nathnagar, just to know about the manufacturing. By doing this she also came across the problems faced by local weavers who are left alone working only for INR 200 per day and their Pitlooms being at a very vulnerable situation. This gave birth to an idea of building an environment where people come to know about the problems faced by these Weavers, where she is able to rekindle the lost value of Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees and Local Fabrics. 


What are the products Nayab store sell: 

Designers at the Nayab store have a lovely selection of sarees that will leave anyone with too many options. They provide a wide selection of sarees, dupattas, and Kurtis in different fabrics, designs, colours, and price points. One can pick any of these based on the occasion or personal preferences. 

Various materials, including cotton, silk, and linen, are available for beautiful sarees, dupattas, and Kurtis. In addition, the online marketplace for women's sarees offers a wide range of unusual and unique prints, patterns, and colour combinations.  

Nayab Store has its design team in Bangalore for designing sarees and dupattas based on Bhagalpuri story design, City life, rural life, India culture, traditional culture, etc.  

Contribution to Indian Clothing Industry 

The establishment known as Nayab Stores is rooted in Indian tradition and culture, emphasising the elegance of the saree and traditional women’s clothing while also providing the general public with modern styles and innovations. To show that they have a special attachment to each product, they want to use hand-loom machines to produce sarees traditionally. 

In addition to making consumers love sarees, the Brand combines fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, and fine arts. 

Making a weaver's pool and establishing a personal relationship with weavers are the goals in need, and the ability to take care of them. The Brand aims to work towards Sustainability in Textile Industry to reduce Carbon Footprint thereby not planning to build manufacturing units but to rectify the old ones and educating the weavers on the benefits of resuming the work. Having an Online Approach helps them to consider every Customer equally and not have location specific Offers and Discounts. 


As a Brand, Nayab Stores has not just been privy towards supporting the Weavers but also being responsible towards the approach our Country is taking in building itself. Promoting Central Policies like Swaach Bharat Abhiyaan by conducting various Cleaning Drives in Tier-3 Cities and educating people towards cleanliness is one of the effort Nayab Stores has taken towards Clean India. Also promoting the Atmanirbhar Bharat by educating the Weavers to work for themselves and creating Women Attire Locally is how Brand has been putting up with being Responsible Corporation. Conducting Plantation drives in Tier-3 cities and conducting the First Runway Show in Bhagalpur, Bihar to present a changing Culture for the people at large. The winner of the Show was Nancy Sinha, a small-town girl who not only achieved the unthinkable but also became the first Model Ambassador for Nayab Stores Private Limited. 

Future Plans of Nayab Stores: 

Nayab Stores doesn’t want to stop here because that way they won’t be able to showcase their true worth to the world. Sponsoring Events in famous B-Schools like Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad and Pearl Academy, New Delhi; the brand has already started working towards Scaling themselves. Conducting various successful Exhibitions in places like Lucknow, Kanpur, Nagpur, Kolkata, Patna, New Delhi, and Gurugram they have already worked towards Brand Building at large.  They have also expanded themselves to the Southern Region of the country by entering Bengaluru and conducting their First Exhibition in Bommanahalli. The plan is to scale in India and then start Exporting the Premium Quality of India to the World. 

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