If you experience pleasure in writing, you know the joy of a Moleskine notebook with its milk-smooth pages and stellar quality, offering a stark contrast to typing on a computer keyboard. Now, with William Penn’s new digital writing set, you can do both at once. Use the high-tech ‘Pen+’ provided with the set to write on a specially-designed Moleskine notebook that only seems regular: its pages and stickers are designed to sync with an app, Moleskine Notes. The app converts sketches and writing into a digital format. So, you neither miss out on the feel of a paper nor the ability to easily back up, export, edit and share information. In other words, the best of both worlds. Other contents of the writing set are a USB cable to charge the smart pen, a pen-tip ink refill and a user manual. The app is available free of cost on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. (19,995, williampenn.net)