Selfies are ubiquitous but prints are fading—literally and otherwise. You might be prompted by nostalgia or by a desire to see your digital images in print, no matter, but you’re almost certainly going to be interested in Canvera’s newly launched #Yougraphy range. The exhaustive range of products includes posters, canvases and photobooks with non-tearable/waterproof printing. All you need to do is visit the portal, upload photographs you would like printed and choose among the many kinds of sizes, paper finishes and patterns. #Yougraphy has various creative ideas up its sleeve, such as an option to convert your digital image into wall-hung square or rolled posters. Other products include Youbooks, which are photobooks with two customisable covers, eight size and three paper finish options, and Sharebooks, which are prints bundled as perforated pages that one can tear off and share with others. At checkout, you can also choose to buy accessories such as wooden photo-stands, magnetic ropes and wall-safe tapes to display your prints. Shipping (free on orders above 500) usually takes 2–7 business days.