Earlier, there were only mechanical watches. They looked just like the quartz watches of today, but included an elaborate mechanism of cogs and gears instead of an electronic interface. Seiko has been a part of this mechanical tradition for over a century and its new Presage collection is a homage to the same. This limited collection (of two watches, 1,000 pieces each) boasts of a fine enamel or lacquer dial, reflective of Japanese artistry. Both the SRQ019 and SRQ021 variants include a column wheel and vertical clutch system, which with its 311 components ensures great durability, operability and synchronisation. The watches resemble the 1913 Seiko Laurel, which was not only Seiko’s, but Japan’s first wristwatch too. The only difference between the two variants is the dial material. From €2,500; seiko-presage.com

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