This handmade vintage case-cum-rechargeable stereo system seems to be one of those innovations that makes you wonder why it took so long to come out. Manufactured in California, it can be connected to your mobile phone or laptop via Bluetooth or an auxiliary cable. It produces high-quality sound, has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides 12 to 18 hours of juice (varies from model to model), and comes in various shapes, sizes and designs. Yes, it is steeply priced and the company charges a heavy shipping fee for India, but travel-loving audiophiles shouldn’t let that bother them. Models range from 30W to 600W (the higher, the louder). Other key features include volume control and enough space for your luggage needs. Find plenty of design styles across variants: solid colours, wood finishes, unique textures, pop culture-inspired themes and even unique shapes such as a violin case or an actual wearable suit (the BoomSuit). (From $275, shipping extra;