No company milks their vintage theme better than Royal Enfield. Don’t get us wrong—they have a long and illustrious history, and we are always up for products that come with stories behind them. This new all-black apparel range is no different. Its MLG Pocket T-Shirt references the Enfield Cycle Company, from which RE originated, by including the erstwhile company’s MLG logo in its design. The Flying Flea Polo T-Shirt, on the other hand, takes inspiration from their 1930s’ 59kg Flying Flea motorcycle. The company would often airdrop these, which were manufactured specifically for the British War Office, using cargo carriers. Then they have the Stealth Black Jacket, which has a very ergonomic and high-quality design. The Urban Trooper Helmet, the Tornadoes Polo T-Shirt and the Ashley Hoodie Jacket constitute the rest of the collection—each with its own tale, of course. (From ₹900;