Despite being declared extinct 66 million years ago, Dinosaurs are still alive! They are surviving the history books, movies and endless comics, and now Portugal has dedicated 0.1 square kilometres of land to build Europe’s largest open-air Dino Park, a theme based museum. The visitors are greeted by the huge dinosaurs and are entertained by several dinosaur voices throughout the journey. As the park has more than 120 different species, its collection is considered the most impressive one in Europe.

A life-sized Triceratops at the park
A life-sized Triceratops at the park

Located in Lourinhã, this open-air park is 70km north of Lisbon and is divided into 3 units. The first section is a museum, a huge attraction for dedicated researchers and palaeontologists (just like Ross). In this area, there is a display of a wide variety of real-life fossils from the Cretaceous era and information boards to explain them. One can also engage with palaeontologists who are knee-deep in research in the room. To get more detailed information, one can hire a guide who will narrate the stories of how each fossil was found.

After you exit the museum, you can take a stroll in the dinosaur-infested woods! Sounds terrifying? It isn’t really. Enter the Unit 2, a vast spread of land with the display of life-sized dinosaurs. Visitors can take a stroll at their own pace, capturing images and admiring a wide range of different species. Storytellers will enjoy this place to the fullest because ones you will visit here, you will surely have many experiences to share.

As the park is family-friendly, there is a whole area dedicated to children with fun activities. The Fossil Recovery and Research activity gives an opportunity to children to work like budding palaeontologists. During the Treasure Hunt, they can dig the sand with shovels and pickaxes to discover (artificial) skeletons and fossils of dinosaurs. The Paint your favourite dinosaur activity will enhance the imagination of the kids. 

Other attractions in the park include picnic spots where you can enjoy your meals, as well as the cafeteria, Kiosk Bar and several vending machines peppered throughout the area. A retail store located in the central building offers a vast range of products and artificial fossils so that you can take something home as a souvenir. The park is a perfect combination of entertainment and education as the visitors will not only get involved in the activities but also discover the 66-million-old history. The place is no less than a paradise for all the Dinosaur enthusiast.


Tickets to the park are for $14.63 for an adult & $11.12 for children.

Located at: Rua Vale dos Dinossauros 25, 2530-059 Lourinhã, Portugal

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