If you are booking in the last minute for travelling during this season, do not forget to check the offers from Skyscanner, the global travel aggregator. Skyscanner provides free searches of flights, hotels and car hire around the world, and even help you plan an itinerary. In fact, they have already done the home-work and are here with some handy tips for couples to save massively on their trips in February.
Skyscanner recommends travelling two weeks after Valentine’s Day to get the best deals on flights. Looking at data from the past three years, Skyscanner has found that couples can save up to 43% on getaways by delaying trips to the end of February. Couples travelling on the weekend closest to Valentine’s Day can save up to 27% on flight bookings.
Skyscanner studied the international destinations most popular with Indian travellers in February over the past three years and spotted two bargain destinations for couples desperate to get away around Valentine’s Day. Bangkok was the clear favourite and travelling there on the two weekends on either side of February 14 was 15% and 27% cheaper, respectively.
Couples can also make big savings of up to 31% and 23% on 2017’s trending destinations, Kuala Lumpur and Bali. These visa-friendly destinations have been on the rise with Indian travellers for the past three years and with recently relaxed visa-requirements, look set to continue to grow in popularity in 2017. For more information check out skyscanner.co.in.